HRMS Job Descriptions Electrician


We are on the lookout for an experienced electrician who can take care of all our electrical needs in our different construction sites. The job will involve fixing electrical needs in our ongoing project sites. This includes setting up electrical wire connections and fixing all problems to maintain proper electrical connections within the site. The primary job involves fixing and setting up our electrical infrastructure in all our constructions. 

Construction Industry

This industry helps build the infrastructure of the world for personal, commercial, and corporate purposes, it concerns with planning, designing, and execution of building projects.


  • Plan the wiring of the construction site considering all parameters and building plans. 

  • Install electrical wiring in the best way possible to ensure a safe and compact connection. 

  • Setup proper electrical provision to ensure fully functioning lighting, intercom, and other electrical systems.

  • Help with the installation of all electrical appliances and equipment general to the construction site. 

  • Fix alarm and CCTV cameras in the construction. 

  • Provide connection to security needs and make sure all appliances are compatible with the provisions. 

  • Help maintain electrical maintenance with no interruption. 

  • Should be able to investigate a repair and fix it within a short time. 

  • Conduct regular maintenance check-ups on all electrical needs to ensure there are no faults or complaints. 


  • Diploma or Vocational Training completed as Electrician. 

  • Has apprenticeship or hands-on learning experience. 

  • Should have gained a proper license to practice the profession. 

  • 4-5 years of experience as an electrician in construction sites. 

  • Have 4-5 completed projects.

  • Should have excellent troubleshooting skills. 

  • Ability to handle multiple complaints at the same time. 

  • Be familiar with the old school and modern techniques to fix issues. 

  • Be aware of all legal and licensed ways to provide electrical help to construction sites. 

  • Should possess problem-solving and quick analyzing abilities. 

  • A person with no health hazards and good physical body condition preferred.

Average Salary 

The average salary per hour is $24

electrician electrician

Career Path 

An electrician is an entry-level job in the construction industry. One can typically start out as an assistant to the Head Electrician. A few years as an assistant would help with learning the job and its nuances, after which one can work independently. An electrician would be primarily responsible for handling all the wirings and electrical setup of a construction site to ensure its electrical needs are met. Ways to land an electrician job are:

  • Diploma in Vocational Training or a Pre-apprenticeship program should be completed. 

  • Gain experience as an apprentice with an experienced contractor. 

  • Work as an assistant for a few years before becoming an individual electrician who can work on their own projects. 

Career Progression 

Experience and Specialization are two key factors to progress in this job role. One can either become a private contractor who maintains a group of electricians or can specialize themselves in a set of equipment or in the industry and become superintendent in that. Job roles one can land are:

  • Head Contractor

  • Head Electrician 

  • Superintendent

  • Supervisor 

  • Construction Manager (Electrical Requirements )

Sample Questions


  • Have you ever felt scared to do the job?

  • Share with us an experience that made you question your career path.

  • Would you suggest someone become an electrician, why? 

Human Resources 

  • Would you be okay to work on double shifts if the situation requires it?

  • Do you think it is okay to bend the rules if it reduces expenses?

  • Is there some rule or regulation that you think must be changed in the construction field to help better perform?


  • How would you work with someone who is not from your background (color/ place ) whose working style is the polar opposite from yours?

  • How would you convince a group of your workers to stay extra time to meet the deadline?

  • Explain how you would handle a scenario where the people at the site behave disrespectfully to you and your team.

Technical Skills And Knowledge 

  • What is NEC? Why is it important? 

  • Expand and Explain CSA approval.

  • Fuse or Circuit Breaker, which do you think is the safest, and why?

  • Elaborate on the original works that you have done over the years.