HRMS Job Descriptions Forklift Operator

Forklift Operator 

Our company requires an experienced and efficient Forklift operator to operate in our warehouses and company. You will operate a forklift to enable quick and safe deliveries of materials and goods. You are required to drive and deliver goods and materials to our various warehouses, storage places. You will also collect incoming goods and arranging them in our storage spaces. A person with an industrial vehicle driving experience who can work on time would be ideal for the role. 

Facilities Industry 

The facilities department of an industry is primarily involved in the proper administration of the business. The department is responsible for all equipment, safety, and maintenance. They also take care of the infrastructure, operations, and maintenance. 


  • Loading and Unloading of materials and goods. 

  • Arranging all materials received in the designated place. 

  • Move products around to deliver them for shipment. 

  • Deliver products to warehouses and storage spaces. 

  • Check the quality of the goods received and report faults/ damages, if any.

  • Transportation of raw and finished goods from and to the factory. 

  • Conduct regular inspections of the machines and materials to report for repair and maintenance. 

  • Perform regular maintenance checkups. 

  • Maintain active documentation on all materials purchased and delivered. 

  • Adhere and work in coordination with the company policy and guidelines. 

  • Work with safety and maintaining organized space was a priority. 


  • 3-5 years of experience as a forklift operator. 

  • Certified Industrial Vehicle Driver. 

  • Experience working in an industrial environment.

  • Should have excellent attention to detail and critical thinking. 

  • Must be in good and fit physical condition. 

  • Should be able to coordinate and multitask. 

  • Graduated from High school. 

Average Salary 

The average salary for a forklift operator is $32,500.

forklift forklift

Career Path 

The forklift operator is an entry-level job role in the facilities industry. It is a highly responsible role and is best suited for people who are always vigilant. The work involves taking care of materials that are worth millions and requires one to be highly responsible. It also involves conducting regular checkups on all the materials to report quality faults. To land a job as forklift operator one needs:

  • High School Graduation 

  • License or Certificate to drive Industrial Vehicles

Career Progression 

With a good experience, a forklift operator can land in one of these roles in the future:

  • Factory Supervisor 

  • Warehouse Manager 

  • Goods and Materials Incharge

  • Stores Head 

  • Distribution Head 

Sample Questions 


  • Why a forklift operator?

  • How good a forklift operator is you, why?

  • How do you think your studies and past experience will influence this role?

Human Resources

  • What would you do if you see a colleague misusing the company goods?

  • If in case of emergency, would you okay with working a double shift? 

  • Would you okay with training a few new operators? 


  • How would you manage a team if given as a manager?

  • If materials are damaged and the supplier refuses to reimburse for it, how will you handle the situation?

  • If you meet with an injury while on duty, how would you handle the situation? 

Technical Skills And Knowledge 

  • Explain the uses and importance of RF scanner. 

  • How would you handle a budget crisis or shortage while receiving goods in an emergency?

  • Describe how you will handle reviews by government authorities.