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Certified Nursing Assistant

We are looking for a Certified Nursing Assistant for our hospital who provide for our patients, support our doctors and add value to our nursing department. You will be required to attend to the patient’s every need and guide them towards a speedy recovery thereby upholding our hospital's values and facilitating our growth.

Healthcare Industry

This industry comprises of for-profit and non-profit organizations that are involved with the medical field. They provide services, manufacture equipment and develop medication. This industry is dedicated to improving the standard of living and lifestyles of their customers.

What to expect from the role

  • Hands-on experience in providing patients with medical treatments and nurturing them back to full health.
  • Learning how to monitor a patient’s progress, provide physical therapy and support.
  • Learn on the job regarding the best practices in healthcare.
  • Exposure to the field of healthcare and its various responsibilities.


  • Completely in charge of the patient’s wellbeing and care while in the hospital.
  • Taking care of the patient’s hygiene requirements like baths, backrubs, shampoos, bedpans, and urinals.
  • Providing physical support for patients who require help to move.
  • Aiding them with daily life activities like serving meals, providing fresh water regularly, feeding if necessary, turning them in their beds and positioning them correctly.
  • Administering enemas, douches, non-sterile dressings and so on.
  • Providing treatments like an ice pack, heat therapy, and therapeutic baths.
  • Continually checking the patient's stability and progress by checking vital signs, weight, urine tests, recording intake, and output information, keeping track of the medication the patient is being administered.
  • Caring for the patient and providing comfort by helping them with transportation, answering their calls and requests, reporting observations to the supervisors.
  • Document actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and records.
  • Maintain the right work operations and culture by following policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Protects organization's value and professional ethics by keeping patient information confidential.
  • Keep up to date on the growing nursing practices, educating oneself on medical subjects.
  • Enhance the nursing department by adding value to the workforce and bringing about tangible changes in growing the hospital’s reputation.
  • Upholds the standards of the hospital’s values, policies and government regulations with professionalism.


  • State Certified Nursing Assistant certification.
  • Nursing degree from a certified CNA program.
  • Ability to make decisions and work independently.
  • Excellent communication skills with staff members, supervisors, and higher authorities.
  • A suitable threshold for handling stressful situations.
  • Ability to think and act quickly.
  • Knowledge of computers and know to maintain spreadsheets and databases.
  • Good personal hygiene.
  • Must maintain a compassionate, calm and patient-oriented attitude.

Average Salary

Median Salary of $12.17 per hour.

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Career Path

ghvCertified Nursing Assistant is a job role for those with entry level to intermediate experience in the field. It is a job requiring you to assist patients at the hospital with their medical treatment and report to a physician with the results. It also includes tasks like performing necessary health check-ups, track their progress. Here are a few steps you can take towards this job role:

  • Bachelor's degree in medicine or related field.
  • State Certified Nursing Assistant certification.
  • Nursing degree from a certified CNA program.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in healthcare.

Career Progression

Upon completing related college degrees and acquiring the right certification:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Geriatric Care Manager

Sample Questions

  • Why did you choose to become a CNA?

  • Describe your career goals?

  • What do you find rewarding about this job?

Human Resources
  • This job has no particular hours and may go overtime, eat into weekends and have late nights. Are you comfortable with that?

  • How comfortable are you to work with other doctors and nurses?

  • What makes you the best candidate for this position?

  • How would you report to your superiors and patients family, an error made on your part?

  • How would you handle a patient refusing treatment?

  • To what extent will you protect the privacy of your patients and why?

Technical skills and knowledge
  • What are medical skills a CNA must possess?

  • Describe in detail how you would transfer a patient from a wheelchair to a bed?

  • What is a Heimlich Maneuver?