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We are looking for a host or hostess to join the hospitality team at our establishment. You will need to be at the service of our guests from the moment they arrive till they leave and ensure they have an excellent experience. Your contribution will directly impact the quality of the ambiance and atmosphere we offer our customers, therefore drive footfall and profits.

Hospitality Industry

This industry comprises of various categories of service related fields such as hotels, restaurants, transportation, and event planning to name a few. It is a profit-oriented multibillion-dollar industry directly dependent on the disposable income and leisure time of people.

What to expect from the role

  • Hands-on experience with customer relations.
  • Learning how to organize and multitask on the job.
  • Learn on the job regarding the best practices for the hospitality industry.
  • Exposure to the culinary, service and hospitality industry.


  • Greeting the guests when they enter and leave.
  • Answering phone calls and booking reservations with accuracy to ensure no overlap.
  • Accommodating the customer’s requests as much as possible and permissible by the rules and policies of the restaurant.
  • Keeping updated on the happenings in the restaurant such as the number of available tables, reserved tables, opening, and closing timings.
  • Seating the customers at their seats or waiting rooms and ensuring they are comfortable.
  • Ensure the complimentary welcome drink is served.
  • Engaging with guests while they are waiting.
  • Addressing any queries or complaints and resolving it efficiently.
  • Ensuring all servers get a good number of customers.
  • Occasionally take orders.
  • Good knowledge of the menu and specials.
  • Good knowledge of directions to guide customers to the establishment.


  • Must at least be a high school graduate.
  • Prior experience in the hospitality industry or a restaurant is a bonus.
  • Well mannered with excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent time management and multitasking skills.
  • Comfortable working in a fast paced busy environment.
  • Must be okay with working on some public holidays.
  • Provide high-quality customer service patiently and efficiently.

Average Salary

Median salary of $9.37 per hour.

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Career Path

Host/Hostess is an entry-level job. It is the role responsible for accommodating and hosting the guests when they come and leave the establishment. It also includes tasks like answering phone calls, booking reservations and tending to the guest’s needs. A minimum requirement for this job role is high school qualification.

Career Progression

With sufficient experience in the field, one can move on to:

  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Lobby Manager
  • Restaurant Manager

Sample Questions

  • Why did you want to become a host/hostess?

  • What interests you about hospitality?

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Human Resources
  • Are you comfortable working flexible hours?

  • What would you do if you see an employee violating the company conduct?

  • How soon can you start working?

  • How will you handle a customer that is asking for something you cannot provide?

  • Can you tell us a situation in the past where you had to represent the establishment’s regret to a customer for some reason? How did you handle it?

  • How would you describe your management style?

Technical skills and knowledge
  • How do you properly organize reservations?

  • How would you divide patrons to waiters?

  • What are the different ways to engage guests while they wait?