HRMS Job Descriptions HR Assistant

Hr Assistant 

Our company requires an HR assistant to join our HR team as soon as possible. As an HR Assistant, you would help our HR employees and managers in all HR activities. You will communicate with the employees on behave of HR and also help them with their day-to-day administrative activities. You will be a part of our hiring, firing, and onboarding processes. An ideal candidate would hold a degree in HR or would have experience as an assistant. If you are someone who matches these requirements and has the drive to learn the in and out of the HR field, this role is yours. 

Human Resources 

The HR department is the most critical for any company as they manage the employees of the company completely. They take care of everything related to employees that includes payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, taxation, and regular employee check. 


  • Take part and work with all the HR employees. 

  • Help HR employees with all their day-to-day activities. 

  • Work on the administrative and clerical duties for the HR team. 

  • Maintain Employee records in databases. 

  • Reporting and Documentation of all Employee Activities.

  • Help with conduction HR events and projects. 

  • Write and Document the minutes of meetings for all HR meetings. 

  • Communicate with all employees and work on their requests related to the HR department.

  • Prepare and provide data for Payroll processing. 

  • Communicate with various departments within and outside the organization on behalf of the HR team. 

  • Handle all the complaints within the proper procedure guidelines. 

  • Talk to different potential candidates and set up interviews. 

  • Help during the entire interview process that includes scheduling, communicating with HR, and candidates. 

  • Help with Onboarding and Orientation programs for new hires. 

  • Help in posting new jobs and finding the right candidates. 


  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in HR or any related field. 

  • 1-3 years of experience as an HR assistant or any other related position in the HR department of any company.  

  • Be a tech-savvy person who is well-versed in handling all basic software like MS office.

  • Have knowledge of ATS or HRMS software. 

  • Has basic knowledge of labor and ethical laws.

  • Good organizational and multitasking skills. 

  • Adhere to deadlines. 

  • Good verbal and written communication skills. 

Average Salary 

The average salary per annum is $34,940.

Career Path

The HR assistant is an entry-level job role in human resources. It is the first serious step into the HR field and the most crucial. As an HR assistant, you will assist HR’s from different specializations and will understand the nature of work in each field. This will give you an idea and insight into what you want to specialize in the HR field. To become an HR assistant, you need to:

  • Earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in HR or related field. 

  • Gain experience through Internships for at least a year. 

Career Progression 

Becoming an HR assistant is an excellent way to start a career in the HR field, with years of experience one can venture into different roles based on their interests. Some of these roles are:

  • HR Officer

  • HR Advisor

  • HR Manager

  • HR Director 

  • Employee Relations

  • Talent Acquisition 

Sample Questions 


  • Why did you choose this field?

  • Do you think you can handle different people and their emotions as part of your career, why?

  • If not for the HR field, what would you have chosen as your alternate career? 

Human Resources

  • As an assistant, you would have to deal with employees and HR people, how would you handle so many people, do you have a strategy? 

  • Would you okay to traveling for 4-5 days with our HR team during college recruitments? 

  • How would you handle a situation when you are not to be blamed, but you have to take the blame on behalf of your senior employer?


  • Describe your ideal day of work as an HR assistant. 

  • How would you train HR interns if left under your mentorship?

  • You would be required to assist multiple people. Explain how you will manage these requests, how you will prioritize them. State reasons. 

Technical Skills And Knowledge 

  • Have you worked with any ATS software, explain its use and importance in the HR field. 

  • How will you handle an error made in the recruitment of an employee that leads to him/her rejecting our offer?

  • You have hired an employee, list out all the steps and procedures that follow the hiring.