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We are looking for a recruiter to join our Human Resources department and help bring in quality candidates for our company. You will be required to source candidates, screen applications, schedule interviews and oversee the entire hiring process. Your contribution will directly impact the workforce that joins are company directly contributing to our growth and image as an organization.

Human Resources

The human resources department is a critical component of any business. HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and federal tax laws.

What to expect from the role

  • Gain hands-on experience in talent acquisition and recruiting processes.
  • Conduct employee onboarding and training programs.
  • Ideate and collaborate with teams on HR projects.
  • Learn on the job about the various functions of the HR department.


  • Manage and implement all recruiting tasks
  • Oversee the hiring process and making necessary modification.
  • Enlist job postings on forums which can source new candidates at the time of hiring such as newspapers, social media, advertisements, etc.
  • Source candidates for recruitment.
  • Analyze and note down every job’s requirements and objectives before publishing the posting.
  • Regularly updating job descriptions and requirements.
  • Screen job applications and shortlist candidates.
  • Ensure all the best recruiting equipment, software and practices are being used in the process.
  • Conduct interviews and tests of the applicants to filter them further and advance them to the next level relevant to their job posting.
  • Collaborating with HR and the management of the recruitment process.
  • Ensure the criteria for which the candidates are being tested are relevant to the job they have applied for.
  • Present reports on recruitment and analyses the status of recruitment practices regularly to the team and management.
  • Network and build contacts to source candidates better in the future.
  • Work following company policy and standards.


  • At minimum a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management or relevant fields.
  • Prior experience in the Human Resource department of any organization.
  • Excellent ability to conduct and administer various kinds of interviews and selection methods respectively.
  • Knowledge of skill assessment processes, applicant tracking systems, candidate management systems, and HR databases.
  • Hands on experience with recruiting and sourcing candidates.
  • Excellent communication, people and interpersonal skills.
  • Thorough knowledge of all job descriptions being applied for along with the requirements and responsibilities that come with them.
  • Confidence in their decision-making skills.
  • Level headed attitude with attention to detail.

Average Salary

On average $54,346 per annum.

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Career Path

Recruiter is an ideal place to start your career in HR. The role involves understanding the critical function of HR, recruiting. It also provides exposure to multiple HR roles and to learn on the job. Here is an ideal way you can make it to this job role after graduating:

  • Complete a bachelor’s degree in an HR, Commerce or Business related field.
  • Pursue a master’s degree in an HR, Commerce or Business related field.
  • Acquire a minimum of 2 years of work experience at reputable organizations.

Career Progression

With appropriate experience in this job role, you can move on to other jobs in this field such as:

  • Recruiting Coordinator
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • HR Data Analyst
  • Employee Relations Manager

Sample Questions

  • Why did you choose a job in Human Resources?

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • What qualities do you possess that make you best suited for this job?

Human Resources
  • What was your work experience like in the previous company?

  • How comfortable are you working with employees from different departments?

  • Would you be willing to work on weekends?

  • How would you describe your interaction style with people?

  • What would you do if you a mistake that costed your department?

  • Are you a team player or a lone worker?

  • What interview style do you think works best?

  • In what ways does an ATS help the HR department?

  • What employee campaigns would you launch to gain referrals?