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Security Guard

We are looking for a security guard to help maintain the security of the company’s building and staff. You will be required to regularly inspect the environment, log in visitors and monitor the gates. Your contribution will help maintain a safe environment and peace of mind for employees and staff who work at the premises.

Security Industry

It is a crucial job field which involves all job roles that protects individuals or institutions from potential harm and threats. These threats can be both physical and digital.

What to expect from the role

  • Work to maintain the safety of premises and the personnel.
  • First-hand experience with law and order.
  • Highly active job role with scope for growth.


  • Look after the company property and staff members by maintaining the safety.
  • Maintain a log of the visitors and guests.
  • Regularly inspect the perimeters of the building and the different exits and entrances.
  • Watch out for any illegal or criminal activity.
  • Act following the law and security regulations in case of an emergency.
  • Monitor the vehicles entering into the building and take note of vehicles belonging to employees and visitors.
  • Review security footage regularly and ensure cameras are functional at all times.
  • Check the functioning of alarms, sprinklers and other security equipment.
  • Take accounts of unusual occurrences and make reports.


  • Graduated high school.
  • Training as a security officer with a certification or diploma.
  • Prior experience with security and relevant roles.
  • Strong knowledge of security procedures and protocols.
  • Excellent ability to operate emergency equipment and detection systems.
  • Work with dedication and integrity.
  • A keen eye for detail and surveillance.

Average Salary

On average $15 per hour.

law enforcement security guard

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Career Path

Security Guard is an entry-level job. It is the role responsible for maintaining the safety of the company property and staff members. It also includes tasks like maintaining a visitors log, regularly inspect perimeters and watch out for suspicious activity. A minimum requirement for this job role is high school qualification.

Career Progression

With sufficient experience and appropriate further qualifications in this job role you can move onto other job roles in this field such as:

  • Security Officer
  • Security Director
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Prison Guard
  • Body Guard
  • Private Investigator

Sample Questions

  • Describe an ideal day on the job.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • Are you comfortable with taking risks or are you a careful person?

Human Resources
  • If you notice a fellow employee not following the rules of maintenance how do you handle that?

  • Would you be okay with working overtime or late nights?

  • What makes you think you’d be a good fit with our company culture?

  • How would you prioritize work if you had multiple tasks to complete?

  • How would you rate your multitasking and time management skills?

  • What are the tasks you had to do in your previous job?

Technical skills and knowledge
  • Where would you ideally require security guards?

  • How would you respond to a fire emergency?

  • What is the most ideal way to check vehicles that come and go?