HRMS Job Descriptions Office Clerk

Office Clerk

<Company Name> is on the lookout for an office clerk to take care of our employees. We need a clerk to help us with all our administrative tasks. Your range of work will include taking care of phone calls, answering them, redirecting them to the respective department and concerned person. You will also be in charge of handling all the documentation and reporting processes. If you are someone with good communication and organizational skills, apply. 

Administration Industry 

The Administration Department of any Industry is concerned with aiding the growth of the business by helping with all the operations of the company. The department works to ensure a seamless workflow in the workspace by helping with all office operations.


  • Preserve and maintain all the files and records of the company. 

  • Help with easy access and review of the files. 

  • Take care of all the incoming, and outgoing emails, including replying, redirecting, and sorting them.

  • Receive and send packages necessary. 

  • In charge of answering all phone calls and redirecting them to the concerned employee. 

  • Help with photocopies, printing, etc.,

  • Maintain a thorough record of all tasks, invoices, and checks through proper documentation and accounting.

  • Take part in meetings, help with coordination, arrangements. 

  • Write minutes of the meetings and maintain them for future use. 

  • Help employees with all their management and organizational tasks as required. 

  • Inspect the office supplies regularly to report shortages and usage. 

  • Make travel and accommodation arrangements for employees for any office trips. 

  • Make travel and accommodation arrangements for guests who are attending an event. 


  • Graduated from High School. 

  • 2-4 years of experience as an assistant or clerk in an office environment.

  • Excellent experience working with office devices like Printer, Fax Machine. 

  • Fair knowledge of MS Office. 

  • Should be good at accounting and maintaining logs. 

  • Good typing and listening skills.

  • Good writing and communication skills. 

  • Should be a multi-tasker and critical thinker. 

Average Salary

The average salary per annum is $31,500.

Career Path 

Office Clerk is an entry-level job role in the administration. As an office clerk, you will take care of all the administrative works of the company. You will assist and help the employees of the company in all their works in the best way possible. You will also take care of the company’s supplies and database. To land in this role, one requires:

  • High School Diploma

  • Few years of experience in a similar field

Career Progression 

After years of experience as an office clerk, one will learn the works of an administration department better which will help you land in roles like:

  • Secretary 

  • Administration Head

  • Assistant to High-level employee

Sample Questions 


  • Do you think your role as Office Clerk is valuable, why?

  • Explain a time you helped a group of people with something important, how did you bring in value and ease?

  • What is your most and least favorite part about the job?

Human Resources

  • If someone asks you to work on things that are not part of your Job Description, what would you do?

  • You have lost an important document of the company, how will you manage this situation?

  • Would you be okay with working during the weekends and holidays?


  • If you fall sick on the day of an important meeting, how will you manage your duties to make sure everything goes smoothly?

  • Explain your style of management in a typical day of work.

  • How will you manage multiple instructions and requests?

Technical Skills And Knowledge 

  • Do you know how to use Calendar and Scheduler tools, explain how effectively you will use them to make work easy? 

  • If a cash transaction that has to be done immediately does not go through, how will you handle the situation?

  • What are some basic skills you think an Office Clerk requires?