HRMS Job Descriptions Pre School Teacher

Preschool Teacher 

Our School is on the lookout for an experienced preschool teacher who can educate and take care of children between the ages groups 3-5. The primary duties of the role would include preparing a fun curriculum that combines learning and playing for the children. The major role of the teacher would be to train and mold the students in their budding stage for kindergarten. A variety of domains including writing, talking, science, numbers, and other general social skills should be taught to the children.

Education Industry

The field of education involves teaching and imparting knowledge among children of various age groups in different stages such as primary, middle school, and high school learning. It also involves college teaching and education. The primary aim of the industry is to administer knowledge in the young minds of society. 


  • Create a syllabus for the academic year for the children that have learning and fun activities to keep the children engaged.

  • Train the students with the information and practices that are required for kindergarten. 

  • Be versatile and perform different activities like storytelling, dramatics, dancing, etc., to teach children in different ways. 

  • Provide one-on-one attention to all the children and assess them on their social and learning skills.

  • Be a parent-figure to kids who are not keeping up by helping them out. 

  • Improve class interaction and participation through fun activities. 

  • Conduct group activities and happy competitions to help bring out the children from their shells. 

  • Teach the basics required for kindergarten like shapes, numbers, colors, and crafts, etc.,

  • Take care of snacks, naps and other needs of children like feeding, cleaning, etc., 

  • Supervise the aids to make sure all children are safe on the campus. 

  • Have distinct reports on each child to communicate with the parents. 

  • Engage parents in friendly activities to improve their relationship with the children in school activities. 

  • Make sure the classroom is always clean by instructing the aids and keeping a check on it. 


  • 3-5 years of experience as a Preschool Teacher in a daycare or institution.

  • Have incredible knowledge of child care and development. 

  • Be familiar with all preschool teaching methods and the ability to innovate alternative methods. 

  • Aware of the safety and sanitation regulations that are required for classrooms.

  • Highly patient, cool, and friendly with children. 

  • Capable of understanding the children's needs and meeting them through their ways. 

  • Have good communication and teaching skills.

  • Be a balanced person with good decision-making skills and critical thinking. 

  • Should know the basic First-aid methods and treatments. 

  • Gained certificate in Child CPR. 

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in a field relevant. 

  • Should compulsorily have a license to practice the profession. 

Average Salary

The average salary per annum is $28,990

Career Path

Preschool Teacher is a separate style of teaching when compared to the other teacher roles. Unlike other teacher roles whereupon gaining knowledge on the subject you can teach higher grades, in preschool teaching, it is more about the connection you build with the kids and how easily you can establish it. The job role mainly deals with children of the age group 3-5 and requires one to teach, help, and aid them in their growth in the outer world. To become a preschool teacher:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Teaching. 

  • Masters or Vocational Training in Preschool Teaching. 

  • 2-4 years of experience working with a Daycare Facility. 

Career Progression

Typical growth and progress in the field occur with years of experience or with ease in establishing a relationship with children. Upon achieving this, one can progress to:

  • Kindergarten Teacher

  • Supervisor of Day Care

  • Head of the Preschool Department

  • Director of Kindergarten/ Preschool 

Sample Questions


  • Why do you want to work with young kids?

  • Describe an experience from your past that made you love the job more. 

  • Do you think emotional attachment is necessary for the job, if yes, how would you handle when it gets extremely emotional?

Human Resources 

  • How would you feel about staying back to take care of a child at times of need?

  • Do you think building a relationship with a child outside of school appropriate, why?

  • Would you be okay with feeding and diaper duties if the aids are not available? 


  • How would you handle a child who throws tantrums continuously?

  • Explain your ideas for the academic year if you are hired. 

  • How would you involve parents in their child’s activities?

Technical Skills And Knowledge 

  • Do you have prior experience in handling children with disabilities, explain? 

  • How do you think preschool is important in a child’s life?

  • What do you believe to be the most important aspect in preschool?

  • What are some recent developments in education you think can help preschool children?