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Machine Operator

Machine operators take care of all machine-specific functions such as configuring the equipment, loading and operating the machines, and optimizing the machine capability. They need to ensure that the machine works at its full capacity, oversee its maintenance, and perform timely quality checks. They should be a self starter and should be willing to undergo training if need be, to understand the operations of new equipment.

Production Industry

Production focuses on the process of combining various material inputs to make something for consumption. Job roles in this area concern the manufacturing process, quality assurance, supervising, maintenance, etc.

What to expect from the role

  • Hands on experience with machine operating and production lines.
  • Learning how to operate different machines and processes involved with the production.
  • Learn on the job regarding the best practices in the industry.
  • Exposure to the production industry and professionals.


  • Calibrate the machine before the production begins.
  • Ensure the machines are regularly checked and cleaned.
  • Monitor and control the machine performance and settings.
  • Regularly conduct tests of the machines performance and operating capacity.
  • Inspect machinery with appropriate tools.
  • Feed raw materials into semi-automated machines and help the assembly line.
  • Fix any issues or malfunctions that may occur.
  • Check the output of the machines and identify any issues.
  • Keep an updated database on all of the machines information, defective units and final products.
  • Maintain a log of the activity.
  • Regularly submit performance reports.


  • Graduate with any technical degree.
  • Prior experience as a machine operator.
  • Strong knowledge of a heavy duty and high-speed machinery.
  • Strong ability to use measurement tools.
  • Good understanding of production procedures and best practices.
  • Excellent knowledge of safety methods and hazard regulations.
  • Ability to read manuals, blueprints, and handbooks.
  • Good physical stamina and keen attention to detail.

Average Salary

On average $39,057 per annum.

On average $14.05 per hour.

production machine operator

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Career Path

Quality Assurance Manager is a job role that is for those with entry to intermediate level experience in the field. It is a job with high responsibility and in charge of operating and handling the machines to help with the production line. Here are a few steps you can take towards this job role:

  • Bachelor's degree in any technical degree.
  • A Master’s degree in the similar discipline.
  • 3-5 years in the production industry.

Career Progression

After sufficient experience and appropriate qualifications in this job role you can move on to other jobs in this field such as:

  • Sales Supervisor
  • Production Supervisor
  • Inventory Manager

Sample Questions

  • What do you enjoy about working in production?

  • What qualities of yours will help you with your job?

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Human Resources
  • If you notice your fellow employees committing security and hazard violations, what would you do?

  • What makes you think you’d be a good fit with our company culture?

  • How long do you wish to work, if hired?

  • Tell us one way you worked through an issue in your previous job?

  • How do you handle missed production deadlines?

  • Describe your management style.

Technical skills and knowledge
  • What machines do you have prior experience with?

  • How would you ideally do a quality check?

  • What kind of information should be logged in regularly?