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Property Manager

We are on the lookout for a property manager who will take care of all the day-to-day management aspects and make sure space is well maintained and secure. The property manager will be responsible for all operations and will also supervise any contracted staff.

Real Estate Industry

The business of real estate; the profession of buying, selling, or renting land, buildings, or housing.

What to expect from the role

  • Hands-on experience in helping the managing, buying and selling of property.
  • Learning how to organize, multitask and manage time.
  • Learn on the job regarding the best practices in real estate, marketing, and customer service.
  • Exposure to the real estate industry and its various responsibilities.


  • Inspect properties for maintenance and arrange for repairs as necessary, to meet standards
  • Build and maintain relationships with tenants
  • Attract and screen tenants for vacant spaces
  • Collect rent on a regular basis
  • Enforce occupancy rules and handles violations
  • Contract for trash removal, security, and maintenance
  • Liaison with the corporate office
  • Periodically prepare reports for management on property performance and make recommendations for improvements


  • [X] years of experience working as a Property Manager or in a similar position
  • High school diploma mandatory
  • Bachelors in Business/Accountancy/Real Estate a plus
  • Solid grasp of financial and mathematical procedures usually utilized in the real estate market
  • Proficiency in MS Office applications
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Average Salary

On average $69,374 per annum.

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Career Path

Property Manager is an intermediate job role. It is the role responsible for inspecting properties for maintenance and arrange for repairs. It also includes tasks like collecting rent. Here are a few steps you can take towards this job role:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business/Accountancy/Real Estate.
  • Relevant vocational training to be better equipped for this job role such as real estate, customer service, marketing, etc.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in real estate.

Career Progression

With appropriate experience in this job role, you can progress to other job roles such as:

  • Real Estate Consultant
  • Mortgage Specialist
  • Appraiser

Sample Questions

  • What made you want to take up this job role?

  • Describe your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Human Resources
  • What are the tasks that come under the purview of being a property manager?

  • What would you do if you saw an agent on your assigned property?

  • How well do you know property law?

  • How would you prioritize multiple tasks for a month?

  • What is the best way to handle a tenant avoiding payment?

  • Why do you want to work with us?

Technical skills and knowledge
  • What are the first questions you would ask tenants?

  • How do you understand every feature of the property?

  • How do you network with mortgage vendors and constructors?