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Regional Sales Manager

We are looking for a Regional Sales Manager to expand our customer base and achieve sales quotas for specific districts of our company. You should be able to remotely supervise a team of salespeople and set profitable goals. Our ideal candidates combine excellent communication skills with a strategic mindset.

Sales Industry

This field handles the selling of commodities, products, and services. This can be done through various methods like direct, telemarketing, B2B, B2C, etc.

What to expect from the role

  • Exposure to improve sales in the region assigned.
  • Understand how to identify new sales opportunities.
  • Work in a fast paced goal oriented environment.
  • Learn on the job regarding how to conduct demos and sales in general.
  • With time this job has a scope for growth.


  • Propose region wise sales plans and targets in alignment with business objectives
  • Manage region and individual performances
  • Report on region-wise sales results
  • Forecast quarterly and annual profits
  • Identify hiring needs, select and train new salespeople
  • Prepare and review the annual budget for the area of responsibility
  • Analyze the region’s market trends and discover new opportunities for growth
  • Address critical problems and suggest prompt solutions
  • Participate in decisions for expansion or acquisition
  • Suggest new services/products and innovative sales techniques to increase customer satisfaction


  • Proven work experience as a Sales Manager, Accounts manager or similar senior sales role
  • Ability to measure and analyze key performance indicators.
  • Fluency with CRM software
  • Ability to lead and motivate a high-performance sales team
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills with a problem-solving attitude
  • Willingness to travel as needed
  • BSc degree in Sales, Business Administration or relevant field

Average Salary

On average $107,386 per annum.

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Career Path

Regional Sales Manager is an intermediate to expert level job. It is the role responsible for managing the sales of the region and rate individual performances. It also involves tasks like proposing region wise sales plans and targets and reaching business objectives. Here are a few steps you can take towards this job role:

  • BSc degree in Sales, Business Administration or relevant field
  • Masters degree in a similar discipline.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience with the sales

Career Progression

With enough experience in this job role, you can move on to other jobs in this field such as:

  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Senior Sales Consultant

Sample Questions

  • What is your greatest achievement on a job till date?

  • Why did you choose a job in sales?

  • How would you describe your temperament to be?

Human Resources
  • Would you be okay with working overtime?

  • What makes you think you’d be a good fit with our company culture?

  • Are you comfortable with travelling to different locations during the course of your employment?

  • What are the tactics you apply to motivate team work?

  • What do you keep in mind when you set targets?

  • What will you do if your team member messed up a sales deal?

Technical skills and knowledge
  • How would you track the progress of your team?

  • How do you initiate lead gen?

  • Describe a time when your suggestion made a drastic improvement in the workflow.