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Achu, as most of his friends call him, parties hard. But works harder.

One of the hires he made at Uber, the previous company he worked with, is spoken about a lot in conferences. Watch the interview to know more about it. 

Fun is his theme.



Justin is passionate about psychology and recruiting, though which one gains more prominence is hard to tell as he beautifully weaves the threads of both the streams together throughout the interview. You would often find him reading books when he’s not busy applying strategies and techniques based on psychology to attract some of the best talent!

Creativity is his theme.



Nicole always thought she would become perfect in her chosen field.

But then, she realized  that's not how it would work for her. Watch her interview to know why. She also has a couple of cool tips for building great relationships with hiring managers.

Empathy is her theme.



Vani, as she's called by most people who know her, believes that your entire life needs to be joyous for you to achieve success in your professional life and that you need to evolve continuously. Watch her interview to find out more about her recruiting philosophy!

Intuition is her theme.



Swati is similar to Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike Inc in at least one respect. She believes that one shouldn't stop because stopping means no growth. She also thinks that if a position has been closed, it isn't really tough. Watch Swati's interview to know more about what makes her tick!

Straightforwardness is her theme.



Suchitra’s approach is a mix of pragmatism and philosophy, the former more than the latter. You would find her spending a lot of time with her colleagues from different units - earlier at their desks and now virtually. To know why, watch her interview!

Realism is her theme.



Abhay doesn't believe in leaving things to chance. Detail orientiation and accuracy have helped him scale multiple tech and product organizations. He has a special tip for hiring teams of food delivery companies. Check out his interview!

Precision is his theme.



Deepa loves watching shows on Netflix. (Who doesn’t?) One of her favorite characters inspired her to create a candidate persona for a particular role she was hiring for. You will find her spending a significant chunk of her time on job boards. To know more about her, watch her interview!

Quiet confidence is her theme.



Amy firmly believes that the work environment must be conducive for employees to thrive and succeed. She was instrumental in Freshworks’ scaling journey in the United States and is a great culture champion. Her second innings story is quite inspirational. To know more, watch her interview!

Balancing act is her theme.



Shela’s style of hiring is such that she leads with her heart. She maintains great relationships with most of the candidates she has helped place and she even shares a special bond with a few. She has some strong thoughts about legacy. Check out her interview!

Gratitude is her theme.

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