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The most time consuming task for any recruiter is screening the resumes and CVs of every candidate. Before the ATS, recruiters had to go through large chunks of information from resumes and organise them into detailed excel sheets. This was how they would identify the best candidate from the rest. After a point this repetitive task gets exhausting and prone to human error. And, with all of the cluttered information messing up your database, it gets hard to make quick and efficient decisions on who to hire.

So, how can you efficiently isolate the fitting candidate from the underqualified when there are so many to scan and assess?

This is where your resume parsing functionality of the ATS steps in to help you parse a resume.


What is resume parsing?

Resume parsing is a technology that allows you to process online resumes and structure the information by extracting data in an intelligent way. It helps recruiters to efficiently manage electronic resume documents sent via the internet.

It extracts essential information like:

  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Educational background
  • Skill sets


How does resume parsing software help?


Freshteam helps parse resumes and populate the candidate profile with the extracted data. This will make your information more structured and your candidate database manageable. Now, you can easily filter for candidates using keywords and tags, instead of trying to recollect which candidate was the ideal hire.


When you look at a candidate profile in Freshteam, the information is categorised into the right buckets. At one glance, you can get all the important information you need to know about the candidate. This way when you parse a resume, you will have clear data and information to help you make better hiring decisions.


When Freshteam helps you parse resumes, your recruiting efficiency will increase now that a huge workload is off your plate. It eliminates the manual work required from the recruiter’s side and they can use their time more fruitfully for other tasks. When you don’t have hundreds of resumes for various job roles to scan, you can progress to the next stages quicker.


When you parse a resume, all your information is screened and ready for assessment. This way recruiters won’t have to ignore potentially great candidates due to the number of applications. They can pick the best candidate and reject the underqualified one better.


With the better candidate experience and faster response rate thanks to the time saved by resume parsing, candidates will want to apply to your company. This efficiency in your process will show and motivate more candidates to apply for your job openings.



What value does a resume parser software add to your ATS?


Resume parsers stand alone are beneficial as they are but having it as a part of your ATS centralises all your hiring tasks in one place.


Only retains the information you need

When you parse resumes, the software extracts the information that is categorised by your ATS. It gets segregated into the necessary categories. Whether it is a 6 page resume or a 1 page resume, your parser and ATS software will work together to present only what you want to see.


Don’t have to juggle between applications

When your ATS has a resume parsing software along with it, the whole process of screening becomes easier. All screening tasks are streamlined in one software, from creating custom application forms all the way till sending pre assessment tests.


Everything is in an organised pipeline

When resume parsing is a part of your ATS you can move through the steps of your hiring workflow quicker. You won’t have to manually add candidates and enter their resume information accordingly, your ATS works with the parser to do it for you.


Integrated with job boards

When your ATS is integrated with job boards the resumes come in automatically and the parsing software simultaneously extracts relevant information. This in turn creates the candidate profile.

How to make the most out of resume parsing?

Directly add candidates from select email channels

Listener emails help you listens to your emails from whitelisted email channels like job boards and vendors for candidate applications, and populates your ATS with the candidate information. When the resume parser software identifies a resume in the mail, it parses the information and adds it to your candidate profile.

Get more work done by doing less

When you parse a resume, information becomes more structured and easier to filter. Bulk actions enables recruiters to perform actions like advancing multiple candidates, archiving them to a talent pool, sending emails and much more.

Automate tasks for screening better

Now that the incoming candidate information is correctly categorised and structured after parsing, your ATS can identify candidate filters better. Using Autopilot you can automate certain screening tasks and work more efficiently. So, if you want to reject a candidate with less than 3 years experience, the parsed profile will be processed and rejected by your ATS automatically. You simply need to provide a condition and action to your autopilot, and it will take care of the rest.

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What advice can you give your candidates?


Use keywords from the job description

When you are applying for a job, be sure to read the job description. If recruiters are looking for specific traits for a job role, they will mention it there. This way you will know the keyword they will search for in their filters and tags. When you use the right keywords the probability of you appearing in search results are higher.


Simple formatting

A well designed resume is definitely impressive to recruiters and hiring managers. But, the ATS and the resume parser will have difficulty parsing it. This decreases your probability of getting registered in the system, so stick to a simple resume format.


Straight forward headlines

To get past a resume parser in an ATS you have to format your resume and use the words that it will understand and pick up. When you are providing headers within your resume, use words that are recognizable by the the resume parsing software.


Check the spellings

Spelling errors are a big no not only for hiring managers and recruiters but also for the ATS. There is a good chance that the ATS will reject your resume if it has many spelling and grammatical errors. So be sure to proofread your resume just to be sure.


Preferably send a Word document

Word documents are the most preferred format for both recruiters and ATS. Some CV parsing software can parse resumes of different formats but the basic format that most free ATS can parse Word documents. So if you stick to this format, it will increase the probability of you getting past the system and into the candidate pipeline.

How Freshteam helps you screen better

You can parse resumes to screen better and improve your hiring process but there are other ways Freshteam can help you amp up your recruiting efficiency

How Freshteam helps you screen better

You can parse resumes to screen better and improve your hiring process but there are other ways Freshteam can help you amp up your recruiting efficiency

Screen the resumes better with Freshteam's open source resume parsing software

Workflow Automations (Autopilot)

This feature of Freshteam helps you automate routine tasks involved in recruiting like screening, emailing and follow-ups. With Freshteam, you can automatically reject, advance and archive candidates by configuring the autopilot accordingly. Now you can go through larger volumes of profiles much quicker.

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Pre assessment tests

When you want to go through large number of applicants and filter the best from the rest, Freshteam helps you administer tests for candidates through integrations. Now you can gather more information on the candidate’s skills even before you interview them, screening them better.

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