Fresh out of Oven: Candidate-360 2.0

We have a revamped Candidate-360, but why?

Well, during our start as a simple ATS software, we helped you screen profiles, manage interviews, roll out offers and recruit great people. But we grew, and as we did, we became a vast and powerful application. We now have the scope to manage assessments, video interviews, etc.

We see our customers using multiple recruiters, internal and external hiring partners, multiple requisitions, etc., in their recruitment process.

With new and advanced workflows like these coming in, we figured Candidate 360 needs a revamp for each stakeholder to achieve their best and so, here it is.

Presenting to you the all-new Freshteam Candidate 360,

That’s a new look, isn’t it? You will love it, trust me. We have everything from our older 360, and much more.

Let’s quickly see what’s new and how it will solve your problems.

First, we have Summary – one place to gather all context on the candidate and the journey of the candidate so far in the Recruitment process. You can now see the feedback they have received from different panel members, their experience, major information about them, etc., in one glance.

Second, we have separated Candidate conversations from Internal Conversation. That’s a huge relief especially when there are multiple recruiters involved in the process and it makes too many conversations. Emails and Comments will give exclusive information on the conversation made with the candidate and within the hiring team, respectively.

Brownie Point: You can go one step further and pin an important comment that you want to be highlighted for your recruiting team.

Third, we have the Action Bar, the smart bar that gives you all actions you would perform on a candidate like ‘Rating’, ‘Schedule’, ‘Edit Offer’ etc., based on the stage the candidate is in. Cool, right?

And finally, we have the Timeline, a perfect bird’s-eye view of what happened from Day-1 in the candidate’s recruitment journey. You have options to view all or important actions done to the candidate movement helping you to quickly get onboard the process yourself.

They say a warrior knows his sword the best the more he yields it, and we believe this new change would suit that saying too.

We are constantly looking to improve and your suggestions and feedback would help us do that, feel free to give yours at