Freshteam integrates with HackerRank ?

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our integration with technical assessment tool, HackerRank. If you’re a HackerRank user, you’ll no longer have to switch between Freshteam and HackerRank to send tests or review scores. You can do it right from within Freshteam, thus saving time, eliminating cognitive bias, and bringing more order to your recruiting.

If you’re not a HackerRank user, here’s a quick primer:

Say, you’re hiring a senior-level software engineer. The recruiter has to create job postings, process all the received applications and sweat it to pick candidates that are interview-worthy.

Once they do, they have to run after the hiring manager for coding challenges. And then, for grading the tests and getting their feedback. Plus, there is no single standard for the difficulty levels of the test or the grading methods – they are different for different candidates, leaving room for a possible bias.

Imagine numerous such interviews happening every day, and the resources they consume in the form of time, effort and expertise. HackerRank brings peace to the chaos you just imagined.

Automated assessments add consistency, objectivity and standardization to your process, helping you make better hiring decisions.

Send HackerRank tests from Freshteam
Sending HackerRank tests from Freshteam

Once you’ve set up the integration, you can send tests manually to the candidates from inside the Freshteam app or include it in the hiring process.

Including HackerRank tests in the hiring process
Including HackerRank tests in the hiring process

This helps blend the tests into your hiring process. Each time a candidate reaches that stage, the app automatically prompts the recruiter to send them a test – now, that’s at least hundred less things to remember for the recruiter.

You can also send reminders, right from your ATS software.

Once the candidates submit the tests, the scores will be updated on the candidate 360 where the panel members can review and leave feedback.


Managing and tracking tests from Freshteam gives you a greater context of the candidate’s performance because you will be able to see everything in one place, literally, one page – the Candidate 360.

You will be able to complement or compare the test scores with the candidate’s performance in the interviews, and the ratings (or feedback) from all the recruiting team members. This also means you don’t have to keep track of the candidate’s progress in two different places, instead, from one place, and with more context.

If there are other integrations you can’t wait to have, let us know in the comments section! 🙂