The Freshteam Interview Experience

As a recruiter, you know there are so many boxes to check on your list when it’s comes to interviewing your candidates. From scheduling interviews and notifying candidates to assigning interviewers and collecting feedback, your hands are really full. That’s why we built Freshteam – to help you cut through all this red tape and make the interview process smoother for you, interviewers and candidates.

But we asked ourselves what could make this experience better and launched some new features to take your experience to another level.

The Freshteam ATS interview experience:

Here are the new features that makes interviews with Freshteam efficient and effective:

  • Add multiple interviewers to your panel: Finally! With Freshteam applicant tracking software, you can now add multiple interviewers to an interview. This means, you now have the opportunity to organise your panel for a candidate at one shot, without having to move back and forth between the different schedules of interviewers or scheduling two separate interviews.


  • Customise your scorecards to give better feedback : If you’ve always felt like the 5-star interview feedback grading system is rather restrictive and you’d much rather just record your impression or do a radio button… well, now you can! You can now choose from different grading systems for each criteria to make sure that information is not misinterpreted and that everyone is on the same scale.

  • Choose the criteria for every interview: As each job has different requirements from another, the criteria for the candidate too, will differ. Although an interviewer can check for general performance, technical knowledge and skill, there might be some key competencies you want them to focus on. With the Freshteam ATS you can pick and choose the most important criteria for every interview, making sure they know what to look for while searching for the ideal candidate.

  • Provide interviewers with prep kits: As fun as a free flowing conversational interview sounds, every interview needs to have certain focus points – some topics that have to be covered, some skills that have to be tested and so on. As a recruiter, you can now configure an interview prep kit to have the logistical details, candidate information, evaluation criteria and additional instructions. This makes sure that interviewers get all the information they need ahead of time, in one place and with minimum effort required on their end.

With these new features, say hello to an all new holistic interview experience for every recruiter. Click here to know how to use these features in your Freshteam ATS.