What’s new with Freshteam? ?? [Oct 2017]

We’ve been restlessly rattling to churn out a slew of new updates to keep making Freshteam convenient and more useful to you. These are a couple of interesting features we added in the recent weeks!

  1. ‘Interviews’ is now available as a separate tab
    Interviews tab

    Interviews were initially a part of the candidate’s timeline. But because the interviews’ information in itself was important and made up a huge chunk, we moved it to an exclusive tab. Also because this information is often repeatedly referred to by the recruiting members throughout the process, the exclusive tab improves the convenience. Under the interviews tab, you’ll be able to see the entire interview story of the candidate – all scheduled interviews, completed interviews, and feedback from the panel members.

    In reality, the offer letters are signed by those who’ve never had a chance to interview the candidate personally. The interview tab helps you to justify the hire!

  2. Ad hoc feedback option
    Option to add ad hoc feedback

    We’ve also added an ‘ad hoc feedback’ option. You can use it to collect feedback during walk-ins or for when employees or panel members who do not have a formally scheduled interview. For example, during walk-ins, when you have no interviews scheduled in the system, you can still interview candidates and add feedback to their profiles in Freshteam.

  3. Label field in application form  
    Read-only fields in application forms

    We’ve added read-only fields/labels to application forms. You can use the label fields for sharing information or specific instructions with the candidate through the application form. The label field is a rich text editor and you can literally say anything the way you’d like to say it.

  4. Omnipresent support
    Chat option inside the Freshteam app

    You can use the chat option to reach out to our support folks right from within your  Freshteam application. Ping for help as and when you need it!

  5. Updates in the Android App

    We have added dashboards, and enhanced the interview feedback in the mobile app. Previously, you could only ‘add’ interview feedback via the app but now you can also view interview feedback from other panel members.

More features are in the works, we’ll write to you as soon as they are up! We hope you liked the updates. If there are any other specific features that you would like to see in Freshteam, you can leave a comment to let us know!