What is recruitment automation?

Recruitment automation is HR technology that empowers recruiting teams to automate time-consuming, everyday recruiting routines - it improves overall efficiency, productivity and the overall quality of the candidates hired. HR software like Freshteam can enable forward-thinking businesses to reduce as much as 75% of the recruiter workload through recruitment automation.

Recruitment Automation

Why do companies invest in recruitment automation?

To make way for growth

Growth is a function of how time is spent. Fast-growing companies understand that and hence invest in HR technology that automates hiring workflows releasing time, resources, and undivided attention for strategy and innovation.

To embrace efficiency

Recruiting automation adds efficiency to business because it’s flexible enough for recruiters to set up everyday workflows that execute automatically based on pre-set rules, while also ensuring they are done faster, consistently and without any hiccups.


To redefine the overall experience 

Candidate experience is a language through which you show your prospective candidates what you are made of - it’s louder than the stories on your website. Recruiting automation enables you to offer a seamless experience free of human errors!

A glimpse of Freshteam recruiting automation in action

Automate pre-screening

Recruiters spend large chunks of their time screening piles of resumes or applications just to find candidates who can make it to the initial rounds. Recruiting automation like Freshteam can help achieve that at least 40% faster.

For example, you can set up an automation that will advance or reject candidates based on certain criteria - visa status, city of residence, certifications, university, qualification, age, years of experience, etc.

For further screening, especially during high-volume recruiting, you can also automatically send them a pre-assessment test when they reach a specific stage!

Recruitment Automation for candidate screening


Simplify interview coordination

Hello Autopilot, please notify all stakeholders (candidates, hiring managers and panel members) when a marketing candidate is moved to the technical round.

It’s as simple as that. You’ll be surprised at how much more your recruiters are able to accomplish when simple but time-gulping to-dos are checked off their list. 

Recruitment automation for communication control by Freshteam

Improve candidate communication

Timely communication throughout the hiring process is one of the key influencing factors when it comes to candidates' experience. With recruiting automation, recruiters can send out the right communication at the right time, with a simple one-time setup.

Everyone loves examples, right? Here’s another one. It’s a common complaint in the recruiting world that candidates don’t hear back from recruiters but what if rejected emails were automated based on interviewer or recruiter feedback? It will make a huge difference to how candidates in the outer world perceive your employer brand (without spending a dime!).

Recruitment automation for candidate communication by Freshteam


Update other systems

You can trigger a webhook to update information in other software systems you use. For example, when a candidate is hired, you can trigger a webhook to the payroll system of the candidate’s details.

Recruitment automation to update other HRMS systems


Save great candidates for later

Recruiters lift mountains to find impeccable candidates but they might not always fit the currently open roles. It’s impossible to however keep track of these candidates manually without shedding sweat. Freshteam recruiting automation makes it seamless. 

On the right is an example to help you visualize. The automation first reads the reject reasons on the candidate profile, when the reject reason is overqualified, it automatically archives them to the talent pool. 

Recruitment automation to build a candidate database


Tag candidates for easy discovery

It’s one thing to save candidates for later, it’s another thing to make them easily discoverable! Using recruiting automation, you can organize your candidates for better findability - automatically add tags to a candidate profile before archiving them to the talent pool.

For example, if you are archiving overqualified candidates, you can add a tag that describes the role they should be screened for or interviewed for at a later time.

Recruitment Automation to add tags to candidate profiles

5000+ businesses trust Freshteam for recruiting

Why forward-thinking businesses choose Freshteam for recruitment automation

Easy to use, for real

It takes just a few minutes to set up, and the UI makes it easy to tell the system what you want to achieve. The whole process feels like an easy conversation with a super powerful software system.


Freshteam understands every business is different, so it gives you the flexibility to choose from endless combinations of automation to help solve very specific recruiting challenges for your team. 

Rock like support

You can count us like one, two, three..we'll be there...for you! Songs apart, time and again, our customers have called out our support team for their timely help when something unpredictable shows up.