What is recruitment marketing software?

Recruitment marketing software (also called a recruitment marketing platform or tool) enables organizations to market their open jobs to potential candidates. In simple words, it enables you to apply marketing strategies to talent attraction and talent retention problems.

Just like in the marketing funnel, recruitment marketing involves creating awareness about open positions, getting high-quality talent to consider them, evaluate them, and eventually apply to open positions and accept offers. At each stage, the goal is to communicate the employer brand (who you are as an organization) and employee value proposition (What you really offer your employees?) to potential candidates and drive them to take the desired action.

What is recruitment marketing? What is recruitment marketing?

Best Recruitment Marketing Software - Freshteam


Intelligent job marketing

Freshteam integrates with all your favorite job boards such as Adzuna, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and LinkedIn. Meaning, you can post to all the integrated job boards in a single click from the recruitment marketing platform. Even the edits you make on Freshteam are synced across all platforms.

Best Recruitment Marketing Software Best Recruitment Marketing Software

Branded career site in minutes

You can set up a career site that looks and feels like your brand in minutes with Freshteam. Then, add stories, videos, and messages that show candidates what it’s like to work with you, list job openings, create customized application forms that cut the chase, and collect information that actually matters in the hiring process.

Recruitment Marketing Platform Recruitment Marketing Platform

A highly reliable talent database

Smart recruiters are proactive. Instead of waiting for job requisitions to be raised and approved, they are constantly on the lookout for candidates who would fit perfectly into their future pipeline. And when they find such candidates, Freshteam enables recruiters to tag candidates with various attributes such as university, skills, experience, and save them to the talent database where they can be nurtured and rediscovered at a later time for appropriate roles.

Recruitment Marketing Software Features Recruitment Marketing Software Features

Enhanced candidate communication

Candidate 360 gives recruiters, interviews, or any stakeholders all the information they need on a candidate in a one-screen view. This means anyone can gain complete context on the candidate before any interaction, in minutes. The timeline of communication pulls out conversation history and helps resume conversation from where it was last left.

Recruiters can filter candidates who are waiting on responses and get to them quickly, ensuring no one is left hanging in the middle of the process.

The best recruitment marketing platform The best recruitment marketing platform

Employer referrals made easy

Employees can access Freshteam, view open jobs, and recommend friends and family members to suitable positions. They can again view the status of the referrals on their own Freahteam dashboard. All this without the intervention of a recruiter.

Freshteam also enables internal job postings to promote internal mobility, recruiters can post jobs that are visible only to employees. Employees who meet the job criteria can then apply to new internal roles.

Recruitment Marketing software features Recruitment Marketing software features

Insights to optimize recruiting budgets 

You can make use of the drilled-down reports available in Freshteam to understand the impact of your recruitment marketing campaigns - compare candidate sources against each other for time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, etc

recruitment marketing recruitment marketing

Who needs recruitment marketing software?

TA Managers

Whether it’s posting to multiple job boards, juggling social media handles, or maintaining a chic and up-to-date career site, recruitment marketing software lends 100 extra pairs of hands to your talent acquisition team. After all, marketing is all about the right messaging on the right platforms at the right timing - a recruitment marketing tool helps you get them right.


Recruitment marketing requires interventions at multiple stages in the hiring process -  the right software helps recruiters identify every marketing opportunity in the recruitment process, and leverage them for hiring success. Some examples:


A) Employees can use self-service features on recruitment marketing platforms to view open positions in the organization and refer their friends and family to appropriate positions without the help or intervention of the recruiting team. They can also follow up on the status of their referrals through the software.

B) Recruiters can promote internal jobs (jobs for employees who would like to apply to a new role), through Recruitment marketing platforms. Employees can view, apply and pursue them in one place. 

Small business owners

Most small businesses do not have a dedicated HR department. They either punch in the air on their own to find good candidates or write big fat cheques to sourcing agencies. Recruitment marketing software can be a great investment and serve as a mini hiring team at 1/3rd the cost of what businesses pay an agency.

Top benefits of using a recruitment marketing software

1. Strengthens employer brand

Recruitment marketing software makes employer brand doable and measurable. It helps amplify the reach of your brand through the right messaging on the career site, nurture campaigns, and other communication, and enables you to measure the impact of the same.

2. Reduces hiring costs

The analytics and reports can show you which sources are bringing in quality candidates faster, the ROI on different sources, and more such insights. Also, just being able to build a talent pool, or leverage employee referrals will reduce hiring costs exponentially.

3. Accelerates the hiring process

You can post to multiple channels at once, track all incoming candidates, and engage them effortlessly in one system. When it’s time, you can schedule interviews, collaborate, and hire superstars! The streamlined process improves the speed of hiring by up to 50%.

4. Improves quality and diversity of hire

Marketing efforts not only improve your quality of hire, but also the diversity of the people you hire. Since it helps you control your target personas, there is a higher chance of attracting more diverse groups of people. Studies have shown that diversity breeds innovation.

5. Superior candidate experience

With recruitment marketing, candidates already know what to expect during the hiring process. So, a well-planned recruitment marketing strategy, when implemented using recruitment marketing software will help encourage more people to apply for the job posting and help you deliver a memorable candidate experience even before they are a part of the hiring pipeline. 

6. Helps grow your candidate database

Recruitment marketing software will take care of all the repetitive tasks such as posting blogs, automating social media announcements, notifying engagement, and so on. This will give the HR team time to focus on double their marketing efforts and growing their talent pool. 

7. Candidates are attracted organically

With a well-planned recruitment marketing strategy, HR teams can understand the pulse of their potential candidates. This will tell them how to attract and engage with quality candidates without spending a dime. 

Features to look for in a recruitment marketing platform

recruitment marketing features recruitment marketing features

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