What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee Advocacy is a recruitment marketing channel where a company leverages the enthusiasm of its employees to amplify the employer brand. Employee advocacy programs empower and encourage employees to share their experiences at the workplace with their social media circles.

Advocacy programs improve the awareness of your employer brand and speed up the possibilities of great candidates easily finding you.

employee advocacy employee advocacy

The real benefits of nurturing employee advocates 

Reaching more candidates

An employee advocacy program is an efficient way to tap into the talent network in your employee’s social circles and especially great to reach passive candidates.

Winning candidate trust

When your employees talk about you, it’s authentic, trust-worthy and makes it easy for your prospective candidates to believe in you and consider an opportunity with you.

Retaining employee loyalty

As employees speak up for you, they will also affect their peers and their own selves. It becomes a reinforcement of their pride in being associated with your organization.

The mini 6-step guide to turning employees into brand advocates 

Invite participation

The first step is to communicate the significance of an employee advocacy program and your employees’ role in it because even the most loyal employees may not think about championing for your employer brand on their own. Additionally, you also need to show point them to some motivators such as:

  • The program gives them a chance to choose their future colleagues.
  • Employees get to build their own personal brands as speak for the company. 
  • A rewards system that tracks, appreciates and celebrates effective contributions.
Offer training

Your employees may be willing to participate in the program but may or may not have the skills required for it - skills as simple as writing, grooming their own profiles, sharing for optimal engagement, engaging in conversations, etc. You can organize quick training sessions to improve or hone their skills.

Create a set of social guidelines on what they can share and what they shouldn't share. In some cases it would even be better if they understand your recruiting compliance requirements while engaging with candidates just to be on the safer side.

Create shareable assets

Take care of creating collaterals like posters, videos or articles that you would like your employees to share.Then all they have to do is spread the word. Keep one thing in mind: create content that people are proud to show or share. Don't push ads and announcements all the time. At the same time, do not try to micromanage what employees share. Give them the freedom to be honest, authentic and create their own pieces of content too.

Define the goals of your advocacy program

Clearly communicate to your employees about what you are trying to achieve and how you plan to measure it. For starters, it could be simple indicators such as top contributors, organic reach, incoming job applications, incoming traffic to your career site or any particular page, engagement on social channels, etc.

Reward contribution

Introduce a nice mix of rewards for those who significantly contribute to your recruiting marketing efforts through the program - gift cards, brand swags, bonuses, it can be anything. Use a mix of things as different people are excited for different kinds of rewards.

Measure and Optimize

The most crucial step to steering your employee advocacy program in the right direction is measuring the results. This will ensure that you optimise your approach and control the impact of the program on your tangible business goals.

It’s not enough to track the likeability and shareability of your content or contests. You should follow through its impact by tracking the key performance indicators of your talent attraction goals and brand awareness goals.