Why small businesses need Recruitment software?

Smart recruitment software like Freshteam helps recruiters of small businesses to be 80% more productive, especially in the post-COVID era where remote hiring or virtual recruiting is the embraced norm. This means they have the right tool, and even more, time to

  • find quality candidates 10X faster

  • meaningfully connect and engage with candidates 

  • create extraordinary candidate experiences

  • build an employer brand that’s widely loved

  • and optimize the overall hiring process. 

Moving on from color-coded spreadsheets and buying your first recruitment software will be one of the best decisions you can make for your team. Be the one to make it!

When does a small business need recruitment software?

Every small business needs recruitment software. We just have to figure out the ‘When’.

A quick assessment to check if your business is ready for recruitment software:

Answer ‘yes’ for each of the following statements that resonate with you and answer ‘no’ to the others.  

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions, then your business is clearly in need of recruitment software because it is the single answer to all your wishes

Freshteam recruitment software for small business success

One software in place of 10

It becomes the one software on which everything recruiting is covered - starting from raising job requisitions to rolling out offers. You can raise requisitions, create and post job ads, manage candidates, schedule interviews, collaborate over hiring decisions, and roll out offers.

And then, there is a further compact and cooler version of Freshteam available as a mobile app, which enables your recruiting team to receive important updates and act on their task list, through their smartphones, even on the go.


A customized career site in minutes

No, not a straight list of jobs that’s bizarrely formatted. A real, warm, personalized career site where your potential candidates can read about you, view open positions and apply for them. You can add videos, culture stories, and even customize the career site to look and feel like your brand.

What you see on the left is the JCDecaux career site, built and published via Freshteam. 

A reliable talent database 

You spend a lot of time and money on attracting the right candidates, yet you lose many to broken communication and outdated spreadsheets. The Freshteam talent pool can fix that. You can save all your candidates, tag them by skills, experience, age, certifications, or anything you would like to filter them by. When new roles open up, you can count on the Freshteam database to discover ready-to-interview candidates.

Freshteam Talent Pool
Extraordinary candidate experience

Freshteam enables recruiters to connect and communicate with candidates - there is a candidate 360 that tells you all about the candidate, communication history to tell you where the communication was last left, and filters to tell when the response is due. The scorecards and interview kits empower interviewers to bring their best to the interview, ensuring a transparent and fair interview process. 

Overall, it enhances candidate experience and leaves a good impression on your employer’s brand.

Freshteam Candidate 360
An impeccable Autopilot

Mundane chores like screening, emailing, and following up with interviewers and candidates can take up to 80% of the recruiter’s time. You can configure the Freshteam autopilot to take care of these repetitive tasks. Some examples to paint a picture of what it can do for you:

  • Advance candidates based on test scores.

  • Send reject emails to candidates without a work visa.

  • Notify stakeholders when an interview is scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled.

  • Archive all candidates from Indeed to the talent pool.

Why do small businesses love Freshteam?

Because Freshteam understands small businesses like no one else.

An empathetic UI that gets you

Freshteam involves zero learning curve. Everything is visual and easy to figure out. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up and start rolling. You can onboard your hiring team and start recruiting from day 1.

A team of champs that strive to help you succeed

Our team of experts always goes the extra mile to make sure you are winning. Any time of the day, they’ll just be an email or phone call away. On a lighter note, you will inevitably end up making friends with one of them. 

Pricing that bets on you winning

No business wants to go around throwing money. That’s why small businesses overthink purchase decisions. Freshteam gets that. It’s free for firms with up to 50 employees and then stays affordable and valuable.

Note: When you sign up for a free trial, you can use any of the Freshteam plans for free, for 21 days, even the premium ones. At the end of 21 days, you can decide if you want to upgrade or proceed with the free plan.

A Promising and Award-winning software, Freshteam.