Why do startups need Recruitment software?

Every rapidly growing business needs recruitment software, especially in the post COVID, let’s-all-do-it-remote era. In the early days, many founders or co-founders underestimate the importance of having dedicated recruitment software, unlike CRM or helpdesk software.

Without recruitment software:

  • You can’t create experiences that chisel an attractive employer brand.

  • It will take 10X more effort to attract the right candidates.

  • Hiring may fall apart when teams decide to scale.

  • The worst of all: you will have no solid database of candidates, just old, dusty, dinosaur excels.

recruitment software for startups recruitment software for startups

How to evaluate recruitment software for startups?

Everyone could use some help, a little extra if it’s the first time. So here it is, some questions to ask yourself as you evaluate recruitment software:

Solve basic recruitment challenges

Yes, all the hiring challenges staring you in the face - the ones you have now, may have in the next few quarters, and the ones that may be very specific to your firm. If you don’t have the time to evaluate, request a demo, shoot your use cases, and see what comes back.

Easy-to-use interface

Or does it just claim to be easy-to-use? Try and test how easy the interface is for you and your teammates. Recruitment software is simple and should involve no learning curve. In addition, check out the knowledge base and see if you can navigate it.

Scalable and affordable pricing

Choose software that has straightforward pricing. It should have no hidden costs and require no algebra skills. Check all their plans and see if the software will stay affordable as you grow. If you are a company with less than 50 employees, you might even start off with a free version.

What are the benefits of using recruitment software?

Why do startups love Freshteam's recruitment software?

The breeze-ease of managing open jobs 

The hiring success of a startup depends heavily on the ability to attract top talent which requires reaching candidates on various jobs boards, social media channels, career sites, etc. Through Freshteam, recruiters can create, post, and manage jobs on multiple platforms through a single interface. And what’s more fantastic is, that all the candidates will automatically flow into the ATS as candidate profiles, waiting to be picked and processed. 

best recruitment software for startups best recruitment software for startups
Smart Candidate 360s

All information you ever collected on a candidate is presented in a one-page view, easy to consume - profile details, a timeline of communication, interviews scheduled, interview feedback, comments from panel members, and everything else. Whether it’s HR introducing a candidate, or an interviewer brushing up on the candidate information, or a hiring team discussing their final verdict, a candidate 360 is their go-to.

startup recruitment software startup recruitment software
A talent pool that ups the game 

All recruiters meet amazing candidates they can’t hire immediately but would love to save for later, right? The Freshteam talent pool enables them to tag candidates by certifications, education, skills, suggested jobs, years of experience, location, and more. They are hence organized in a useful and accessible way.

freshteam recruitment freshteam recruitment
Friction-free interview scheduling 

The calendar sync enables recruiters to check when interviewers are available and base the interviews on their calendars. No overlaps! No hiccups. To make the interviews more objective, you create and use scorecards for different hiring rounds. Interviewers can leave their comments, notes, and hiring verdicts based on which final decisions can be made.

free recruitment software for startups free recruitment software for startups

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