Recruiting the best talent is not easy. It’s like devising the perfect sales pitch but for a different job role every time. Acquiring the best talent is incredibly critical to ensure efficient growth for your company. If you do not keep up with the trends and implement the best recruitment practices, it won’t be a smooth run in the severely competitive talent market. 

Getting the right talent on board gives your company the required fuel for progress. With greater access to technology, recruiters need to compete for the best candidates. Candidate expectations have evolved significantly and so have the recruitment processes. The arrival of the modern recruitment software has also brought in a paradigm shift in how recruiting methods work.

However, it is essential for you to couple your modern tools with the best recruitment practices. In the sea of job listings, it is highly probable for your ideal candidate to miss out on your job ad. If you’re relying on the conventional stages of screening, shortlisting, interviewing, and onboarding, yielding the desired results might be a tall order.

freshteam recruitment best practices freshteam recruitment best practices

Effective best practices to get the best hires

1. Enhance your employer brand

If you are a great company to work for but the candidates don’t know about you, it makes little difference. Recruiting is as much about making the candidates seek you as it is about sourcing the perfect talent. You want the best candidates in the industry to want to work for you and seek you out. As soon as you interact with a potential candidate, they will dig up information about your company. It’s imperative that you ensure this information adds to their willingness to work for you. 

As many as 86% of candidates won’t even apply to a company with a bad reputation. Moreover, the power of word-of-mouth cannot be overestimated in this digital era. Hence, a good employer image is critical to your hiring initiatives.

2. Quicker hiring processes 

Recruiting the right talent is no less than a race. The top candidates in your industry are probably getting multiple offers, and it’s your job to be the first among them. With a lengthy hiring process in place, you are bound to lose qualified candidates on the way. 

Also, maintaining the level of engagement through a lengthy recruitment process is not an easy task. By the time you may make the offer, the candidate may have chosen another. It is essential to value the time of the candidates and keep them in the loop. You can use an Applicant tracking system (ATS) such as Freshteam to automate several tasks and save on resources as well as time. A quick hiring process also helps you enhance the employer brand. 


3. Create enticing job ads

Ensure that the job ads you post appeal to your applicant pool. You need to write job ads that lure the candidates into finding more about your company and engage them. 

Here’s what you can do to ensure that the suitable candidates read your job ads:

Specific job title: Communicate precisely the job role you’re looking to fill. It’ll help you attract interested candidates easily. 

Include company information: The candidates must know what your company is about and what you have to offer. You can include information such as the company's growth journey over the years, its vision and goals and achievements. 

List down the requirements: Your job should include all the skills required and responsibilities of the job role. Doing so can help you ensure the influx of a more refined pool of applications. 

Keep it short: Your potential candidate might be browsing on their phone during a tiny office break. It’s crucial that you keep the ad concise to save their time and gain their attention. With Freshteam, you get access to more than fifty inbuilt job descriptions, which you can also customize according to your preferences.


4. Choose your advertising avenues wisely

There are a number of job boards and portals available out there. Although posting on all of them can be a viable strategy, it is essential to ensure that your job post doesn’t get lost among the thousands posted every day. Choosing the job boards where your targeted candidates are most active can go a long way towards ensuring an effective sourcing strategy. Investing resources in potentially beneficial job portals is a standard recruitment best practice today.

If you are looking to fill a large number of roles, you might want to post on all the portals available and access to the ‘quick posting’ feature would be pretty useful. You can leverage Freshteam’s integrations with prominent job portals such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, and many more to post directly from the recruitment software tool.


5. Analyze information that matters

Although standard best recruitment practices can significantly improve your results, these developments are bound to become stagnant if you do not analyze and delve deep into insights. With the recruiting trends constantly evolving, companies need to keep a tab on what’s working and what’s not.

It is critical to treat candidates as consumers and figure out where the most leakage is happening in the funnel. Focusing on this information can help you figure out the areas affecting your employer brand and candidate experience. You can also utilize a recruitment software that has a set of curated reports to offer. Gauging important recruitment metrics such as cost per hire and best applicant sources can help you enhance your resource allocation.

6. Make use of your website

Your website is like a business card for your company. It is one source of information that your candidates will consider authentic. Also, it is one of the first places the candidates will visit to find more about you. A growing recruitment practice worldwide is using the website for effective recruitment. 

It perfectly portrays your mission, values, products/ services, and goals. Smart recruiters build on all this information to attract the best candidates. You can even try making a dedicated employment section on the website to craft a quality candidate experience. Businesses can usually consider the candidates coming in from the website as more qualified since they have already accessed all information about the company. The application indicates that they consider themselves a good fit for the company.

7. Construct a talent pool

Building a talent pool is indispensable to the set of best recruitment practices for any organization. It is the weapon you require to stay a step ahead of your competitors. You will always encounter applicants that are not fit for the job they applied to but can be highly effective for another role. Therefore, it is essential to keep a record of all potentially practical applications.

Your talent pool should include all candidates that applied but didn’t get through or those who might apply in the future. With Freshteam, you can even archive candidates in your talent pool and tag them for specific job roles. As soon as you create a job post for the position, the recruitment software will automatically resurface those candidates.

A talent pool is essential for your hiring processes as it can:


8. Leverage social media

Utilizing social media has become an essential best practice for recruitment for companies all around the world. It doesn’t just help you source great candidates but enables you to keep a tab on the latest trends. Being active on social media as a recruiter can help you weigh your recruitment strategies against the requirements of your target talent pool. 

Social media allows you to have a two-way conversation with the candidates quickly. Even if you don’t see a high influx of candidates from social media, being active can help you build incredible brand awareness. To begin with, an intelligent strategy can be to ask your employees to share your posts regularly and initiate a chain of word-of-mouth.

Millennials and Gen-Z form a significant chunk of the available talent pool. And as much as 41% of millennials say that they’d rather communicate electronically than engaging face-to-face or over a telephone. Therefore, being active on social media might lead to your company missing out on a significant talent pool.



9. Create an employee referral program

Your employees know your company in and out and are most well-suited to refer potential recruits. Creating an employee referral program is an efficient recruitment practice as it brings in highly qualified leads. Although many employees may share open roles with their contacts, offering incentives per successful referrals is a highly vital strategy to strengthen your recruitment processes.

Using your employees to source in candidates can help reduce marketing budgets. Also, it can help streamline your screening process. You can even expect candidates hired via employee referrals to stay longer in your company. A recruitment software such as Freshteam helps by offering visibility to open roles and allows employees to refer candidates in one click.


10. Diversity hiring is key

Hiring for diversity and inclusion is the need of the hour. A diverse workforce means a diverse set of thoughts, ideas and approaches. This helps in creating an inclusive workforce and the diversity can help improve your financial performance.  Your target talent pool should believe that your company has no prejudices or biases while sourcing and hiring candidates. Having a diverse set of employees is the most effective way to support this belief. 

Also, diversity recruitment helps you bring different opinions to the table and enhance office discussions. It allows you to foster a positive work environment and a welcoming culture. Moreover, it improves your appeal to different cultures and gives you access to a broader talent pool.