What is candidate relationship management?

Candidate relationship management is the process of building and sustaining great relationships with past, current and potential candidates. The goal is to build a network of time-worthy candidates that recruiters can turn to when new positions keep opening up.

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Why is candidate relationship management important?

Jobs are an important part of people’s lives. For most of them, a job decision is one of the top 3 life decisions at any point. The relationships they have with you are the windows through which they peek into the job world or opportunities they can have at your firm. Eventually these connections or experiences will decide if they’ll pursue a job with you or not. However, there are a lot more reasons for why recruiters should pursue candidate relationships.

When you interact with candidates you are initiating conversations where they will learn more about your company, culture, scope to grow, what it’s like to work with you and so much more. That knowledge is usually what triggers them to pursue a job with you.

Hiring is no more seasonal. If you want to rope in the cream of the crop, you’ve got to always be attracting, engaging and connecting. When you intentionally build relationships with candidates through the year, you have a greater chance at building a high-value candidate pipeline that you can turn to when roles start opening up. It's the best way to gain a competitive edge over competitors.

Candidate relationships management doesn’t mean you contact them once, get their details, send them straight into the database and never look back. You’ve got to connect with them - maybe invite them to your hackathons, sports events, conferences, send them newsletters, share big announcements, etc. Find ways to assimilate them into your community.

People know when you care about keeping in touch. When you are competing for a small pool of candidates, you’ve got to stand out. Keep your emails personal, make sure they add value to your candidate. Once in a while, call them over phone or maybe even over skype - that’s an easy way to stand out. You don’t have to call every single candidate, you can use your instinct to pick and choose. In fact, you can ask your candidates for the platforms on which they are most active and use it if necessary.

Most importantly, show them you are listening. You cannot build a relationship by just bombarding someone with emails. Create communities or similar opportunities where they can engage, share knowledge, ask questions, connect with other candidates or current employees, etc. Even during the recruiting process, be quick to return calls, reply to emails, show diligence. 

Candidate relationship management with Freshteam 

Build a thriving pool of candidates

The first step to building lasting relationships is to build a database of candidates which can be easily managed. Freshteam enables you to do just that. You can save all your candidates to the Freshteam talent pool. You can tag them by the roles they’d be a fit for, certifications they’ve done, skills they have, expertise and any other highlights or criteria.
When need arises, simply run a quick search and surface all the relevant profiles

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Know your candidates in minutes

When you are dealing with thousands of candidates, it can be overwhelming to gather information from multiple places before you contact them each time. The Freshteam candidate 360 is an amazing one page view of everything there is about the candidate - resume, assignment scores, interviews scheduled, past conversations, interviewers remarks, comments from stakeholders, roles they’ve applied for, etc.

Anyone can learn anything about the candidate by taking a look at it for a few minutes.

candidate 360 candidate 360
Seal all communication gaps 

Communication strongly influences candidate experience. Many good candidates are lost into the blackhole because recruiters don't keep in touch with them. Freshteam enables recruiters to see where a conversation was last left and pick it up from there.

There is even a filter that reminds you when response is due.

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Analyse and optimise with insights

The reports and insights in Freshteam give you a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in the process:

  • Where do candidates drop off?

  • How long do candidates spend at a particular interview stage?

  • Which roles take longer to hire?

Freshteam offers more such drilled-down insights. The details will just open you up to a whole new level of scope for optimization.

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How does Freshteam stand out?

Straight-forward answer: The Autopilot.

You can set up automations that execute actions when an event occurs or a condition is satisfied. It lifts a whole lot of weight off your shoulders while ensuring your candidates have a trust-worthy experience throughout the hiring process. Following are some examples of the chores automations can run for you:

  •  Notify all stakeholders (candidates, hiring managers and panel members) when an interview is scheduled.

  • Advance candidates to a particular interview stage in the interview process based on source.

  • Send out rejection emails to candidates that didn’t make it through.

  • Email tests to the candidates who reach a certain interview stage.

  • Advance or reject candidates based on information in their application form.

We can go on all day. The automations can save upto 50% of your recruiter’s time and ensure your candidates are not falling through gaps.

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