What is recruitment CRM?

Recruitment candidate relationship management (CRM) is a software solution that helps recruiters and talent acquisition teams create talent pools by building and nurturing long-lasting relationships with candidates. It gives you an edge, especially when you want to engage, connect with and recruit passive candidates.

Recruitment CRM software enables you to be proactive in a competitive market - you can start with tracking all candidate communication in one place, juggle multiple job boards or social channels through your CRM, build and manage a persuasive career page, measure sourcing efforts and build a steady pipeline of quality candidates to turn to as and when roles open up.

Recruitment CRM software Recruitment CRM software

The benefits of using CRM software for recruitment

Easy talent attraction

CRM software reduces reactive recruiting by helping you proactively engage candidates in meaningful professional relationships through consistent communication.

Smooth communication control

You can track all candidate communication on one platform - this enables you to see where the conversation with candidates is at, if any response is due, and act on them.

Thriving talent pool

As you consistently invest in candidate relationships, your talent pool will keep growing steadily with interview-worthy candidates you can count on when the time comes.

Insightful reports and analytics

Recruitment CRM software give you in-depth insights into the time-to-hire phases in your process that are taking more time, sources that are doing well for you, etc.

Higher recruiting efficiency

Recruiters can streamline candidate communication, candidate management, job management, and more with a CRM. They can even automate portions of the process.

 PROS of a recruitment CRM

CONS of a recruitment CRM

A recruitment CRM speeds up hiring conversions by improving the pace and quality of communication throughout the process.

Since sensitive information is stored in a single location, without good security measures information can land in the wrong hands.

You can grow a candidate database on your recruitment CRM, it’s scalable and hence has room for all the impeccable candidates you find along the way.

Some portions of the candidate communication can feel automated, if not intentionally personalized.

All your candidate data is organised and accessible to you on one system. No more losing candidates to outdated spreadsheets.

Unlike Freshteam, some recruitment CRMs involve a steep learning curve which may make it difficult to onboard new recruiters.

Why is Freshteam the best recruitment CRM software?


A smart talent pool

With the Freshteam recruitment CRM, you can make the most out of your talent attraction efforts. You can add all the exceptional candidates you find during your sourcing efforts to a talent pool, you can tag them certifications, skills, a job role suited for them, university, experience, or just about anything that would make them more discoverable later and save them. When new roles open up, you can dive into the database and find the best candidates to interview.

Freshteam Recruitment CRM software - talent pool Freshteam Recruitment CRM software - talent pool


A fantastic Autopilot

Freshteam enables you to automate everyday tasks such as emailing, following up, and screening, thereby giving you more time to focus on what matters - building amazing relationships.

The autopilot helps you automate portions of the communication process, making it seamless on your end and outstanding at the candidates’ end. For example, you can configure automation that automatically sends out emails to all stakeholders, including the candidates when an interview is set up.

Freshteam Recruitment CRM software - automation Freshteam Recruitment CRM software - automation

The Candidate 360

You can learn all about the candidate in a single glance through Freshteam’s candidate 360 - the role they applied for, contact information, a timeline of communication, their resume, interviews scheduled for them, feedback from interviewers, etc. It comes in handy, especially when recruiters or interviewers have to quickly learn about a candidate before reaching out to them or walking into an interview with them

Freshteam Recruitment CRM software - candidate 360 Freshteam Recruitment CRM software - candidate 360

Beautiful career pages 

A career page is one gate through which candidates will enter your recruitment cycle. The Freshteam recruitment CRM enables you to set one up. You can create an interesting career site with a straightforward list of jobs or go all the way with culture stories, people experiences, possible career paths, perks and benefits, and everything else you would like your tribe to see!

Freshteam Recruitment CRM software - Career Pages Freshteam Recruitment CRM software - Career Pages
Applicant tracking

Track the entire applicant tracking process from one end to another on your recruitment CRM software - everything between when a requisition is raised and when a hire is made! You can onboard your hiring managers, talent acquisition team, panel members, and other stakeholders and start hiring as a team - screen resumes, schedule and coordinate interviews, gather feedback and make the best hiring decisions. 

You can also use the Freshteam mobile app to receive all important updates and act on items waiting on you.

Freshteam Recruitment CRM software - candidate sourcing Freshteam Recruitment CRM software - candidate sourcing

Multi-channel candidate sourcing

Recruiters spend a lot of effort in juggling multiple job boards or other social sourcing platforms each day! Instead, now they can take over all the major job boards and social media channels from Freshteam, which means they can post to multiple platforms in a single click from Freshteam, edits they make will sync automatically across platforms.

All applicants will automatically flow into the system as candidates - easy to view and review.

Freshteam Best Recruitment CRM software Freshteam Best Recruitment CRM software

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