What is employee selection?

Employee selection is a subtractive process that lets you narrow down your pool of candidates to the most qualified individuals for the open position. This selection process involves a range of HR activities that enable you to understand and evaluate the candidate - resume screening, written tests, technical tests, face-to-face interviews, and so on. This information is evaluated to determine the candidates’ knowledge skills and abilities (KSAs) along with a host of other contingent factors to comparatively assess if they are an ideal fit for a role in your organization.  

Employee Selection Process using Freshteam Employee Selection Process using Freshteam

Why is employee selection critical to your business? 

How do you go about employee selection?

While the specific qualities required for an individual to thrive at their job vary from role to role, specific criteria can help you map key traits that can serve as predictors of future job success. Regardless of the role you are trying to fill, having a clear template of needs provides an objective goal to your employee selection process. It minimizes arbitrary hiring decisions at the tail end of your hiring process. 

Here is a broad menu of certain criteria you should always keep in mind when finalizing the recruitment and selection process for any potential opening:

6 Stages in the employee selection process

Once you have sourced a reasonable pool of candidates from various channels, you can define specific steps in your selection process for hiring your next employee. Various employee selection methods offer different advantages. Some streamline your hiring funnel, others seek to procure data and information of various facets about your selection criteria. These methods can be deployed in stages to make up your end-to-end candidate selection process. 

Here are some stages listed in their usual order of deployment as a part of the selection process in HRM that let you shortlist and progressively eliminate candidates until you land upon the right one for the job. 

Resume Screening

Resume screening is a preliminary barrier that lets you determine if a candidate has the minimum qualifications for the job they are applying for. This is done by comparing the requirements of the role with the information provided on their resumes, such as educational background, technical skillset, professional certifications, prior experience, and other miscellaneous skills.  

Screening lets you sift through a large pool of applications and only forward the qualified candidates. This way, you don’t waste time on candidates who do not clear the minimum bar. Additionally, it lets you identify happy-to-haves and record a complete picture of the applicant for further scrutiny in the later stages

Application Forms

The best way to proactively gather relevant information from your candidates is to have them fill out a custom application form. It lets you collect a standardized data set from all applicants, which is useful for easy reference. Furthermore, it also allows you to source key information usually not found in resumes.

Application forms serve as a complement to your preliminary screening stage. You can shortlist candidates more aggressively based on certain intangibles. For instance, where is the candidate based? Are they open to relocating? Why did they leave their past jobs? Such information reduces the chances of forwarding candidates only to discover an obvious deal-breaker down the line. 

Pre-assessment tests

Testing is the most reliable way to determine candidates’ relevant KSAs for the roles they are applying for. They are objective and easy to deploy in bulk. This is especially useful for employee selection as it lets you rank your candidates based on various parameters that help determine their current proficiency and potential for future growth.

Testing can help you evaluate different aspects of a candidate, such as their aptitude, intelligence, technical proficiency, personality, etc. You should use a mix of tests to garner a full picture while also using them to establish a cutoff that automatically eliminates inadequate candidates. 


Interviews are the crux of a candidate selection process. You get to have an unfiltered interaction with your candidates letting you determine how they come across as a potential employee. It lets you gauge their disposition, assess their non-technical skills, and suss out any red flags. They also serve as a platform to present your organization to the candidates and field any questions.

Interviews can either be one-on-one or conducted by a panel. They might be a general free-wheeling discussion or a carefully curated experience designed to ascertain a candidate’s eligibility according to pre-formulated criteria. Most candidate selection processes involve multiple interview stages with different goals and outcomes. While they are an integral part of the process, care must be exercised to keep them unbiased and relatively objective. 

Medical Examinations:

Medical examinations are conducted as a protocol in many industries where there are prerequisites regarding an employee’s physical health. It is also an opportunity to test for drug use as mandated by organizational policy or relevant laws. If your organization uses medical examinations for employee selection, you must ensure that you do not violate your candidates’ privacy or use these tests in a discriminatory fashion to eliminate differently-abled or special-needs candidates. There are legal repercussions for doing so. 

Offer Letter

This is the final pit stop before you bring a candidate on board as an employee. Any leftover procedures such as checking references, verifying documents, background checks, etc., are to be taken care of at this stage to make sure everything is in order before a formal offer of employment is made. 

Freshteam - The best tool to turbocharge your employee selection process

Freshteam is a fully-featured recruiting software with smart features which help you drastically cut down the time and effort involved in your candidate sourcing and employee selection process. It provides you with the tools needed to confidently make great hiring decisions.


Automate your resume screening 

Resume screening is tedious when done manually. But with Freshteam, you can get it done in a jiffy! The resume parser in Freshteam automatically scans all incoming resumes to extract all the relevant data and organize them into populated candidate profiles which can be shared and discussed with your team members.

Not only do you eliminate hours of manual labor, but you also end up with a functional index of information about all candidates. Want to filter candidates according to experience, qualifications, or any other custom tags? No problem.

Resume-parsing Resume-parsing


Cut the chase with application forms

Are you looking for something specific from your candidates? Ask them upfront with custom application forms that can be configured with fields as per your selection criteria. You can easily filter them based on their responses and move ahead with candidates who meet your specific needs. 

app form app form


Deploy integrated tests to calibrate employee selection

Freshteam integrates with pre-assessment test providers such as HackerRank, HackerEarth, and Codility. The integrations make it a breeze to include the pre-assessment tests as a part of the selection process. These tests can be automatically deployed when a candidate makes it to a certain stage in the selection process. You can even configure the platform to automatically forward candidates to the next stage or drop them from contention based on their performance.

candidate send test candidate send test


Schedule and conduct employee selection interviews with ease

Interviews can be a nightmare to schedule, especially if there are multiple rounds in your selection process. Thankfully with Freshteam, these troubles are history. It can automatically sync with your hiring teams’ calendars to simplify scheduling and enables you to schedule multiple interviews at once. Best of all, it automatically sends out notifications and prompts interviewers to record scores and impressions post-interview, eliminating unnecessary back and forth.

Freshteam Interview Scheduling Freshteam Interview Scheduling


Collaborate on the employee selection process as a team

Your entire hiring team can be invested in the process from the get-go with the rich set of collaborative features available in Freshteam. All candidate information is continuously populated in a centralized profile accessible to all stakeholders who can participate in the shortlisting and selection process via comments, stars, etc. 

Candidate 360 Freshteam Candidate 360 Freshteam


Roll out and manage offers to selected employees with smart software

Freshteam lets you prepare offer letter templates with customized fields for fast and easy deployment as soon as you settle on your desired candidate. It even lets you set up automated offer approval workflows to make the final stretch of the selection process efficient and hassle-free and quickly close your favorite applicant with minimum delays.

offer letter approval offer letter approval

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