What is external recruitment?

When companies recruit candidates who are not a part of the organisation, it is called external recruitment. External recruitment is an intensive process wherein companies have to post the job descriptions on different job boards, create and engage with the talent pool, improve employer branding, and so on. 

External recruitment with Freshteam External recruitment with Freshteam

What are the different types of external recruitment methods?

Hiring the best talent is critical to helping businesses reach their optimal potential. There are many recruitment strategies that one can use to pick out top talent. 

Internal recruitment is highly effective in boosting organizational culture and enabling existing employees to shine. However, it can also become restrictive and contain the creativity and inflow of fresh ideas. External recruitment comes in as a savior as it offers many options. It is also usually the more preferred type of recruitment for most organizations in search of top candidates. There are numerous hiring strategies a recruiter can use to find the right talent outside the organization, such as:

1. Job boards: It is probably the most common and effective external recruitment method, as recruiters can reach a much wider talent pool. In fact, job boards make it smoother for candidates to find open positions and apply for them. This further speeds up the recruitment process. 

A job description on a job board should include a detailed description of the profile, skills, and experience your business is looking for. Integrating different job portals with your website and ATS can make this form of recruitment much easier. 

Millennials today conduct their job search primarily on job portals. If you are in search of young talent, advertising on job portals should be your primary goal. These job portals also give you access to resume databases and filter candidates based on your chosen criteria. 

2. Social Media: Recruitment on social media is about making connections with quality candidates. It is prominently where people interact with each other and express their ideas and opinions. According to the Global web index, an average internet user is active on more than 5 social media platforms. Social media allows people to form communities and interact with like-minded individuals. It has become the focal point of online interaction. Then, why not recruitment. 

Today, recruiters source candidates on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others. While most companies may not be doing it successfully just yet, they are beginning to harness the power of social media to interact with quality talent in their industry. About 84% of businesses are currently using social media to recruit talent

3. Job fairs: Many small businesses find it challenging to attract skilled candidates to help their businesses grow. Job fairs have been a very prominent method of external recruitment for decades that help in presenting several benefits to the businesses that attend them. 

In fact, many big companies also take this as an opportunity to engage with candidates in person, rather than just scanning through their resumes. The body language and presentation of a candidate give away numerous important insights about them, as do the conversations that may catch recruiters’ attention. It is also a great opportunity for them to gauge the interest in their employer brand. 

4. Events: Events prove to be good recruiting to engage with individuals in the same industry. Interacting with people about industry trends and new developments can help you make great hires. An ideal candidate may already be familiar with your organization and the work you are doing. They may even be fans of your achievements. Hence, industry events are the perfect platform to keep passive candidates and those interested engaged with your brand. They can act as a fantastic lure for top talent in the industry.

Your existing workforce is your best asset and can contribute to your recruiting efforts as well. They develop the product and make the company culture and hence, their involvement in the recruitment process is a great idea! Nearly 67% of the recruiters believe that finding a candidate that fits the company culture is crucial. Having them engage in conversations with individuals at events can be a good opportunity for them to recognize potential talent. 

5. Recruitment agencies: They act as a middleman between your organization and candidates and help you find the perfect candidates for open job roles. Recruitment agents are specialist consultants that advertise your role on different platforms and contact suitable candidates on their existing database that fit your requirement. A good recruitment agent has an understanding of your needs and goes out of their way to find talent that fits the culture and experience your company needs. Your recruitment process is now less time-consuming and they normally charge a commission of 15% per candidate hired. If you need help salary negotiations and other benefits? They are there to help. 

6. The printed word: Let’s not ditch the newspapers and industry journals yet. Yes, they are ancient methods of external recruitment, but they still exist. You must take advantage of newspaper adverts as they tap a large number of job seekers. Newspapers are economical and available everywhere, and most people read them while commuting. Additionally, industry-specific magazines or journals are a great way to reach an enthusiastic audience. Advertising there could reach people who match the skills and knowledge that match your business. You could advertise on their digital platforms too. 

Depending on the size of your organization and the frequency of your hires, you may want to consider which recruitment strategies work for you better. They can help you find the best talent for each position. While external recruitment generally opens the door to creativity, it could come with some potential risks too.


Being within a reasonable time frame, it takes about 27 working days on an average to hire a candidate. While there are numerous factors that could impact the timeline, here is how the process looks:

What does an external recruitment process look like?

Being within a reasonable time frame, it takes about 27 working days on an average to hire a candidate. While there are numerous factors that could impact the timeline, here is how the process looks:

While the existing workforce can easily fill some vacancies, it might be a little tricky for others. Businesses find it helpful to use external recruitment strategies to source their dream candidates.

Advantages of external recruitment: 

While recruiting from outside the company, recruiters post the open positions and invite suitable candidates for interviews. The employer takes the responsibility of finding talent that is able to fit into the company culture and match the skills needed. Take a closer look at the advantages you should look at: 

Additionally, it also makes way for fair recruitment, especially now that competition is wide and open. All candidates are given an equal opportunity to take on the new role without any favoritism. 


Of course, there could also be a flipside of hiring an outsider. 


Disadvantages of external recruitment:

Having said that, external recruitment is highly beneficial in numerous ways to improve the existing workforce’s skills and talent. With a diverse team, employees can work unitedly to achieve business goals. As a recruiter, it can be challenging to build a hiring strategy that combines a positive organizational culture, a speedy hiring process, and eye-catching employer branding with highly suitable talent. Smart recruitment technology by Freshteam helps you recruit potential talent that surely fits your organization’s needs.