Free recruitment software

Like we said, not everyone needs to start with expensive, fully-featured recruitment software. Especially if it’s the first one you are investing in and your needs are very simple. That being said, you need to choose software that would allow you to eventually scale and grow.

A good recruitment software enables you to streamline your entire recruiting process and represent it on a single system. It empowers your team to seamlessly collaborate and make the best hiring decisions. Within a week, it will visibly improve your recruitment efficiency and productivity.

Best Free Recruitment Software Best Free Recruitment Software

When to choose free recruiting software?


1) If it solves your current and foreseeable challenges
Pen down the top recruiting challenges you are trying to solve. It could be attracting more talent, managing more candidates, better collaboration, etc. See if the free recruiting software offers enough features to overcome those challenges. It’s again important that you consider upcoming challenges as well, say for at least the next 3 or 4 quarters. Check if the software can address them too.

2) If your decision-making team is expanding

As an organization grows, so does its HR team. When more people are working over hiring decisions, you need a platform that helps you represent the process, communicate better, share resources, gather feedback, and make good decisions, all in one safe place. In addition to this, you can build and nurture a thriving pool of candidates on the free recruitment database software.


3) If you have teams that are growing rapidly
Everyone loves spreadsheets! They are almost free and you are used to them. But every hiring team has to outgrow them to thrive. When you grow, spreadsheets become hard-to-manage, difficult to collaborate over, and those color codes are not easy for the new members to understand.

With smart recruitment software, you grow in style. You have everything organized in one place, easy to access, manage and process - now you have more time to attract, engage and rope in the best candidates.


Pro tip: If you already have some idea of what recruitment software is like, sign up for a trial and evaluate yourself. If you are considering recruiting software for the first time, you can sign up for a demo and shoot your questions to the experts - share your challenges and see how the software can help you.

What does Freshteam’s free plan offer?

Freshteam is a web-based free recruitment software and its free plan is called the Sprout. Just educating! And here are all the essentials it offers:


Ability to create and publish jobs

You can start creating job ads for your open positions in minutes. You can use the 50+ inbuilt job descriptions from Freshteam to start creating attractive job descriptions. You can use them as they are or modify them as you see fit and publish them to the career site or job boards.

When candidates apply to your jobs, they automatically flow into the system as candidates.

recruitment software free - creating job posts recruitment software free - creating job posts


Collaborative hiring

You can onboard your recruiting team - hiring managers, panel members, interviewers and share candidate profiles with them, rate candidates, leave notes for each other, and make the best hiring decisions together as a team.

The candidate 360 gives all the stakeholders a complete view of the candidate in seconds - complete communication history, resume,  interviews scheduled, feedback from other interviewers, etc. Your team can evaluate candidates together through the candidate 360

Recruitment agency software free - Candidates Recruitment agency software free - Candidates


Employee Referral

Employee referral programs don’t have to feel like little Everests. Do you ask for referrals and then when they start coming in, you don’t have a proper way to track them or follow up on them? Freshteam makes it smooth. Your employees can view open positions, suggest friends or family to those positions and follow up on the status of the application all in the portal itself, saving you from answering a million queries, chaos, and also most importantly, just losing good candidates to broken communication systems.

Free recruitment software - drive referrals Free recruitment software - drive referrals

Bonus: The Freshteam Mobile Apps

Sometimes productivity is about access. What if you could get all the important updates even on the move and be able to act on them from a simple mobile app? Yes, Freshteam empowers you to do that. You can email candidates, share quick feedback, advance candidates through stages and do so much more at the comfort of a mobile app (available both for iOS and Android.)

There’s more packed in the Freshteam freemium

Employee Directory

You can start creating employee profiles in Freshteam and flesh out an employee directory, and even ask them to fill out information themselves to avoid errors.

Organizational charts

As you create employee profiles and add reporting relationships, that is, who reports to who, Freshteam will automatically generate the organizational chart using them.

Time of management system

You can also create and enforce a time off policy in your organization in minutes with Freshteam. It can be the one place in which you track all employees’ paid time off.

Why is Freshteam the best free recruitment software?

Simple UI

Freshteam has an empathizing and intuitive interface that enables you to get set up and started in minutes. Literally, zero learning curve for you and your team

Forever-free version

The freemium version is forever free and efficiently-featured for companies with up to 50 employees. You can view and compare our other plans here.

Stellar support

Our team of champs makes it their goal to ensure you have a great experience with Freshteam every day. They are known for going the extra mile, each time!

They love us. You will too

 An award-winning HR platform that you would love.