What are hiring apps?

Mobile recruiting app or a mobile hiring app is a cloud-based application that recruiters use to manage end-to-end hiring on the move. These applications can help schedule upcoming interviews, view profiles, and leave feedback - all via mobile phones. 

In other words, you can consider these apps as miniature recruitment softwares. Hiring apps also allow recruiters to see their candidate pipeline for a specific job, the job status, and the job ad while you’re on your couch sipping your coffee.

Hiring apps | Recruiting app | Hiring application | Freshteam Hiring apps | Recruiting app | Hiring application | Freshteam

Importance of mobile hiring apps

Mobile hiring apps help recruiters handle their hiring process from anywhere at any time and on the go. With a dedicated recruitment app, recruiters can schedule interviews, offer internal feedback, and communicate with candidates with just a few screen-taps — literally from anywhere. The candidates will also be easily accessible remotely through a mobile phone that’s on their hands most of the time. In a nutshell, a mobile hiring app can be the Robin to your Batman - ready to work for you 24x7 and do almost everything that your recruitment management software does on a PC.

Hiring apps, like any technology, can raise skepticism in the recruiters’ minds about the feasibility of adopting them into their already busy lives. We have made a mini list of the top four myths around the effectiveness of using a hiring app and the facts that cancel them out: 


Myth #1: Hiring apps can be complicated to use

Hiring managers can at times be against adopting recruiting applications because they may believe they are difficult to understand and use. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many recruiter-friendly hiring apps provide an intuitive UI and UX that ensure that navigating the app features is like a walk in the park!


Myth #2: Hiring apps will keep sending too many notifications 

Receiving a million notifications every day might be inconvenient for anyone and we know how a recruiter’s average day looks like. However, most apps make it simple for users to customize these notifications. They let you choose what type of notifications you would want to get on your smartphone.  


Myth #3: Hiring apps rob your time

The reality is the exact opposite of this - you can save quite a lot of time. Recruiters today are increasingly pressed for time. They have a tonne of tasks, including posting new positions, scheduling interviews, organizing career fairs, and so much more!

They can save a significant amount of time simply by installing a hiring application on their smartphone and getting the whole hiring process under complete control. They can utilize this software from wherever they are and engage with candidates more quickly.


Myth #4: Hiring apps might turn out to be a waste of money

You don't have to dig deep into your pockets to purchase a hiring app, and the right app can provide excellent value for money. It can help you get your hands on the right candidate faster than your competitors and while you’re on your beanbag.

Advantages of mobile hiring apps

Let’s get down to the brass tacks. The following are key advantages of using a mobile hiring app:


1. Jobs, candidates, and the hiring team - all under complete control!

With a recruiting app on your phone, you have the Infinity Gauntlet with you! Not literally, but you are fully in control of the jobs posted online, the candidates applying for them, and the hiring team responsible for bringing in the candidates. You can keep your job postings up-to-date by just dragging and dropping the candidates as they progress through the pipeline. Using filters, you can quickly sift through your candidate list and add tags of your choice.

Remember, you will be able to do all these while ensuring data protection - you can use a password, SSO, or Google authenticator. Moreover, a hiring app is like a twin of your web app and offers the same features and access as the former. You can use the app to monitor your hiring team activities?


2. Tap the potential of social media platforms

Social recruiting isn’t a new buzzword. Recruiters across the world have been able to leverage different social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Meetup, GitHub, Flickr, and (even) StackOverflow, and easily locate new talent where they thrive. Mobile recruiting apps are only making this whole process easier than ever. They allow recruiters to syndicate job posts to several social media networks - one of the best ways to source potential candidates. 

According to The Undercover Recruiter, 79% of your potential candidates are likely to use social media platforms to search for their next job. Furthermore, up to 86% of job seekers who are young at age and in the initial ten years of their career are likely to do the same. 


3. Stay in touch 24x7 - the struggle is no more real!

Have you ever lost candidates just because you didn’t reply to their texts/emails at the right time? We hear you loud and clear. Worry not! Your mobile hiring app will always be on the watch and sending real-time updates to you. Wait. There’s more. Set up one-click interviews, send template-inspired emails anytime to any candidate, and work on job postings and archived talent pools at your ease.   


4. Save significant time (and get extra leisure hours to hit the gym!)

Hiring apps can do a great favor to you by reducing your overall time-to-hire. You can directly manage all your open jobs and candidates and share the jobs with your team/agency and get positions filled faster. Moreover, you’ll now be able to review candidates from wherever you are and make super-quick evaluations - all of this taking relatively lesser time.

Features of hiring apps that make a recruiter’s life easier

Single-tap Call or Text

You are now a phone call or SMS away from your candidates, clients, and contacts.


Multi-Language Support

Integrated multi-language support expands your business reach significantly and attracts new users from different geographies.


Interview Scheduler

Schedule interviews with job candidates at their convenience and create a positive impression through hiring apps. 


Full-on Inbox Scan

Connect your mailbox with the mobile recruit-app and the app scans your inbox to ensure you never miss updates/notifications. 


Candidate Quick Sort

Finding which candidate is associated with which job posting is no more a pet peeve! You have all the data you need, just at the click of a button.


Non-stop Performance 

A hiring application works offline too. Access and collect your data while you are not connected to the internet. Certain hiring apps automatically synchronize data in the background and store it on the device for later use.