Intelligent recruiting trends for smart recruiters

The way we recruit has changed drastically. Thanks to the pandemic that befell us, there is a more substantial need to adapt intelligently and build new talent acquisition and recruiting trends in all industries. With the rise in remote recruitment and optimization of candidate experience, recruitment looks radically different than ever before. E-recruitment or e-recruiting is the new norm and internal mobility and upskilling programs have become vital to organizational culture. Diversity has also gained much higher importance. 

Wondering how to cope with these changes and what’s in store for the future of recruitment?

Hiring trends Hiring trends

 Take a closer look at recruiting trends that are here to stay


1) Candidate Experience 

A considerable change in global recruiting trends is that employers are now judged on how they treat and support their employees, directly translating into Employer Brand. Focusing on consideration, support, and wellbeing of the workforce is attractive for job seekers. With the pandemic, businesses have seen an accelerated rise in employee listening programs. And this experience also extends to candidates in the talent pool. 

Businesses that focus on crafting a positive experience for their talent pool are seen as more profitable and sought after. Using surveys to get candidate feedback and upgrading your career site are the most effective ways of improving the candidate experience. Candidates want career sites to be easily accessible and easy to navigate. If these processes aren’t well optimized, the candidates begin to drop out looking for other options. Candidates are very unlikely to recommend career sites that are slow and complicated.

However, candidate experience is much more than that. It continues even after they become a part of the talent pool. How an organization communicates with them, conducts interviews, and follows up tells the candidate about the culture. Today, it's crucial to attract the best candidates and win over those candidates from other competitors. Here are a few simple ways you can improve candidate experience: 

Prioritizing candidate experience has become the most important recruitment trend of 2021, and Freshteam ATS helps you stay on top of it. Businesses that invest in strong candidate experiences enhance the quality of new hires. Here is how you can do that:

 Use canned responses: You could increase your efficiency by saving some canned responses and inserting them into emails. While personalization is highly encouraged, these responses can be modified as per need. 


2) Remote interviewing

 There was a time when recruiters felt remote interviewing was a myth. How could a candidate be interviewed without an in-person meeting? This modern recruitment may have made face-to-face interviewing a thing of the past. It has been more than a necessity in the pandemic where work-from-home order has been in place, and both candidates and employers are unable to connect in person. 

Remote interviews utilize software that allow video conferencing, such as Microsoft teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, or specialized interviewing tools such as Montage and HireVue. The interviewers and the candidate join a video call and have a regular face-to-face interaction, only virtually. While it tops the list of e-recruitment trends, it comes with certain challenges. Ensuring a professional presentation may be difficult if you cannot interview from a tidy location. Unforeseen technical challenges can also be flustering and embarrassing. 

Once the pandemic eases, some employers will return to the office and prefer running the business as usual. Others may take Covid learnings in stride and continue recruiting remotely. Here’s why:

Freshteam ATS connects you to recruitment tools that enhance your remote hiring experience, such as:



3) Thorough assessments of skills and competencies

Face-to-face interactions are gradually disappearing from business communications. Today, you may hire several employees without ever getting in a room with them. Therefore, a growing recruiting trend worldwide is to take specific measures to ensure that the recruit fits in the job role. 

 In the post-pandemic world, companies need to devise methods to assess talent and skills from a distance. While it can be challenging to understand your candidate’s personality perfectly without meeting them, it is essential to test the skills required for the job. The idea is to ensure that you hire the best talent and the hiring process does not go to waste. 

 The top employees of a company may be the key drivers behind the overall output. Companies do not want to add to the crowd and find out that the recruit is not a good fit at all. As a result, a recruiting trend that will shape hiring processes in the future is assessing emotional intelligence, drive, learning ability, etc. 

 Here’s what you can do to ensure thorough assessments:


4) Diversity and inclusion

Ensuring diversity and inclusion throughout the recruitment process is a top priority for businesses this year. As witnessed in the global recruitment trends, it has become essential to create and enforce practices that promote the inclusion of all marginalized groups. It is not just the right moral action but also an undeniable positive for overall business growth. Diverse teams are proven to be more creative, communicative, and profitable.

Diversity and inclusion are growing as recruiting trends for hiring managers worldwide. Many businesses are looking to boost diversity to enhance their employer image. These goals can make it potentially challenging by bringing in a racial or gender bias. Here are a few ways you can increase diversity in your organization:

5) Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI has been engulfing the growing recruitment processes for years now. And this recruiting trend will continue with an upward trajectory in the years to come. Businesses worldwide utilize AI in their recruiting strategies in one way or the other. In fact, this technology is used both by recruiters and online job boards.

 There are multiple ways in which you can leverage Artificial Intelligence into improving the recruitment methods:

A recruitment software that automates a majority of your recruiting tasks is the key to accomplish all of this efficiently. Freshteam allows you to take care of all your operational tasks without putting in manual efforts. With this highly efficient ATS, you can easily manage communication with candidates, internal collaborations, and interviews.   


6) Project-based hiring

A prominently modern recruitment trend is that contingent contractors in the talent source have significantly increased. It will continue to grow with new recruitment models available. With this prolonged period of uncertainty and disruption, staffing has become increasingly difficult. Regularly fluctuating needs, ever-changing covid regulations, and short-term operations have made flexibility and contingent labor essential. 

With businesses looking to make the most of their existing resources and navigate through the pandemic, project-based hiring is an effective method to meet talent requirements. Companies around the world have already implemented remote working models. A considerable investment has been made to effect digital communication among teams. Contingent hiring and global recruiting are the logical steps to follow.

Since employees are working from home anyway, it makes sense to hire the best talent for a specific project from across the world. Doing so has also proved helpful for companies to accomplish their target of building a diverse workforce.. 


Though times have drastically changed, the fundamental goal of recruitment still remains the same; to hire talent that's the best possible match between the job seeker’s competencies and the business’ needs. These modern recruiting trends help companies conduct a more targeted, sophisticated, and intelligent talent hunt.