So what is social recruitment?

Social recruitment is the process of hiring candidates through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. It also goes by other names such as social hiring, social media recruitment, social recruiting, social sourcing etc.

Some fun social media stats that you should think about

91% of employers use social media for recruitment
82% of recruiters use social media to target passive candidates
73% of millennials found their last position through a social platform
1 in 3 organizations use mobile recruiting to reach smartphone users
Social & professional networks remain the most useful job search resource
79% of job seekers use social media to find a job.

The benefits of hiring through social media

The total number of social media users in the world is about 3.81 billion. That’s about half the world population. An average user has about 8 social media accounts and spends around 3 hours on it each day. - Data reportal - Global digital insights

Why then wouldn't an employer or recruiter not try to reach them over social platforms? There simply is no reason. There’s however more reasons as to why organizations embrace social media in recruiting and here they are:

10 social media recruiting strategies to start with

Show who you are. Use your platforms to tell your potential candidates real stories of what it is like to work with you, to share your beliefs and values, to walk in and out of your work environment each day. Give them reason to want to talk to you, while staying every bit true.

Questions to ask when you are choosing your social recruitment platforms

  • Where would my ideal candidates hang out?
  • What are the platforms that would resonate with my brand’s content?
  • What are my competitors using?
  • Do I need to use all platforms or should I stick to an effective few?

Lean in and engage - Not everything needs to have an agenda.

  • Always offer valuable information or content.

  • Use clearly defined and visible CTAs.

  • Use videos to communicate (they sell 10 times faster).

  • Create and post activities that attract potential candidates or leads. Maybe ask a technical question and sift through answers to find candidates.

  • Engage consistently not just in your recruiting seasons.

  • Create and repurpose content for different platforms.

  • Engage in a live Q&A and let your prospects shoot you some questions they have in mind.

Push your engagement a notch higher - You can invite potential candidates (not all, just the ones that you are truly interested in) to hackathons, or learning opportunities like lectures/conferences, meetups, etc. This way you get to connect with them in person and put a face to their profile.

You ought to be more than just mobile-ready because 99% of social media users access their profiles or feeds through mobile. So mobile should be a heavy chunk of your broader strategy. Your application forms, career website, posts, videos, interaction opportunities should all be mobile friendly.

Build personal relationships. When people show interest in your company, take a few minutes to engage with them and personally connect with them even if they don’t seem like an immediate candidate. Networking will go a long way in hiring.

Leverage paid advertisements  to catalyse your growth and search - you can target very specific candidate personas based on skills, experience, location, organization, interest, etc.

Set goals, measure, and iterate. What is your social media recruitment goal? Your answers could look something like this:

  • Building a thriving community of talent for the long run
  • Filling difficult-to-fill roles
  • Reducing recruitment costs
  • Hiring diverse talent
  • Improving the visibility of your employer brand

Based on your goals, you can then chart the metrics to measure or success indicators. Some key metrics include - Time to hire, cost per hire, time to hire by source, cost per hire by source, referral rate, offer acceptance rate, and engagement rate on the different platforms.

Get your employees to join you, don’t go at it alone. Encourage, motivate and inspire them to be involved. They can share posts, engage with people, suggest people, etc.

Hone your employee’s social media engagement and recruitment skills. Have some basic pointers on what your employees should do, can do and not do on social media so they can operate with that in mind. Share your goals and vision with them, so they can align with you.

How does Freshteam empower recruiters for social recruiting?

Freshteam is feature-rich yet easy-to-use ATS that covers the whole recruitment process on one system. It offers outstanding social recruiting software capabilities that help you source from multiple places without having to log in and out of a thousand platforms each day. Meaning, you can manage job posts on your career site, job boards, and different social platforms from a single interface.

Post to add social media channels  such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter from one interface. You can edit, view and manage them from a single console too.

 All incoming applicants automatically flow into the applicant tracking sysytem as candidates and are tagged by the source and medium to show where they are coming from.

You can automate parts of candidate screening, follow ups and other communication, etc using a recruiting software. This will free up at least 70% of your recruiter’s time.