What are recruitment strategies?


Contrary to the layman’s perception, recruitment involves more than putting out a job post and sitting back waiting for applicants to appear. Modern recruitment is an involved process with practices engineered to maximize efficiency and throughput at every stage. 

Recruitment strategies are formal plans of action designed to bolster your organization’s attempts to identify and recruit the most high-quality candidates available in the market to fill open vacancies. They tie to your overall organizational objectives, identify your hiring needs and offer structured pathways to address them.

freshteam recruitment strategies freshteam recruitment strategies

Why should you pay attention to them?


Talented candidates are a prized commodity and increasingly harder to come by. A recent Gartner survey identified talent shortage as the top emerging risk faced by organizations worldwide dealing with staff shortages and increasing volatility. This has turned recruitment into a highly competitive arena where recruiters must bring their A-game to attract the top talents or risk losing them to their competitors. 

The right set of recruitment strategies will ensure your talent acquisition capabilities can keep up with the job market and enable you to scale effectively without staffing shortages.


Questions to ask when creating your recruitment strategy template


Your recruitment strategies are derived from your organizational objectives. Here we highlight some broad pointers with salient questions and criteria you need to consider before deploying any such strategy.


Review annually to ensure your strategies are still consonant with your organization’s objectives and reflective of its growth.

12 effective recruitment strategies with great ROI

Develop an appealing employer brand

Having an employer brand is how your organization projects its values and principles in the market. Employer branding is a key recruiting strategy, as it affects your reputation and popularity as an employer. It is also integral to the kind of employee value proposition you provide. You can lose out on quality applications if your brand value as an employer is low. The only way to distinguish yourself as a recruiter is to curate an attractive brand as an employer to entice the best candidates out there.

Write accurate job description with well-articulated needs

A well-written job description is the most basic yet the most underrated recruitment strategy. Writing a good job post can be tricky. Recruiters need to have a solid handle on organizational objectives, and hiring needs to provide potential candidates with a description that clearly defines the role. It should have a comprehensive set of requirements and responsibilities. Nailing this is vital to ensuring that you attract interest from candidates who best match your needs.

Pay attention to recruitment marketing

Developing a killer recruitment plan is one thing, but it’s of no use if you can’t reach your target demographic. Recruitment marketing refers to the methods deployed at the top of the recruitment cycle to inform, attract, and engage candidates before they formally apply for a role. It ensures that you have a healthy inbound flow of candidates for your recruitment pipeline, and you have to spend less time and effort going out to them.  

Recruit on the right platform

All recruitment platforms aren’t equal. You need to go to the right place to source candidates with a particular skill-set. For example, LinkedIn might be the place to go if you are looking for a business process associate, but you might be better served looking on StackOverflow if you need a coder. For high-level executive hires, you probably need to tap external headhunters to supplement your recruitment efforts. 

You need to create a candidate source pool from all relevant job boards and social media channels. Selecting the right means for candidate sourcing is a recruitment strategy that will net you a smaller pool of higher-quality candidates.

Get creative with your recruitment processes

The tried and tested resume-assessment-interview cycle can get monotonous. There are many examples of quirky, offbeat methods to attract and evaluate candidates. Many companies hiring for creative roles experiment with social media recruitment and run contests or gamify the recruitment process in some manner. Tech companies like Google are notorious for zany interview rounds, which challenge candidates in non-conventional ways. 

Trying out creative recruiting strategies can change things up for the better, letting you distinguish yourself from the crowd and land more applicants than the competition. 

Improve your overall candidate experience

Recruitment is a two-way process where the candidate needs to sell themselves as a great employee, but you also need to establish yourself as a great employer. Unfortunately, most recruiters fall short of the latter. This is a shame because a positive candidate experience can significantly enhance your job acceptance rates. 

Additionally, nowadays, online platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn let candidates easily share their experiences with millions of people instantaneously. So if you are providing a sub-par candidate experience, your public brand value can tank dramatically.

Having a proper candidate relationship management process in place is a vital recruiting strategy as it lets you curate strong relationships with candidates throughout the recruitment life cycle. Even if the candidates don’t end up getting a job, they will positively appraise your recruitment process and feel more comfortable referring your organization to their peers.

Get employees to refer new candidates

Employee referrals are an effective recruitment strategy for sourcing high-quality candidates with the least amount of investment. Since employees are intimately familiar with your organization and the requirements of a role, they are great at suggesting people who’d be an ideal fit. Additionally, candidates referred by employees are easier to onboard and retain. Therefore having your employees directly refer candidates to your applicant tracking system can unlock a steady stream of high-quality recruits.

Don’t ignore passive candidates

Top candidates disappear from the market alarmingly fast. Landing a great candidate is often a matter of luck, and no recruiting strategy can help you with that.

Passive candidates are a great source of proven talent with active industry experience in their particular role. You need to have an excellent outreach process and a competitive employer brand to attract these candidates. You also need to ensure that your application process and selection stages are as frictionless as possible to convince such candidates to consider you a serious prospect.

Maintain a talent pool of great applicants from the past

More often than not, you are not going to be able to hire everybody you like. There might be many great candidates for a few openings. But that doesn’t mean you let these talented individuals fall through the cracks. After all, these are vetted candidates already familiar with your organization and can be great assets for future recruitments.

Maintaining a talent pool of past applicants in an ATS is a recruitment strategy that offers great dividends by cutting down cost-to-hire and time-to-fill numbers for future openings. Using Freshteam, you can maintain clear records of all candidates, to be used in future recruitment.

Reach out to ex-employees for recruitment 

Recruiting people who used to work with you in the past—known as rehiring—is a recruiting strategy that is steadily gaining traction. While the notion might seem counterintuitive at first, there are many great reasons to consider it. Employees often part amicably for a range of reasons. In the interim, they might have upskilled, acquired more qualifications, or gained more experience in a different place. These developments might make them the perfect fit for a different role or a new opportunity higher up the ladder. 

Ex-employees make for great candidates with proven track records who can be hired more cheaply and onboarded much faster than new faces. 

Consider a returnship program

Many talented employees drop out of work for various reasons. Many individuals routinely put their careers on hold for medical reasons, parental responsibilities, sabbaticals, etc. These individuals are still highly skilled and often possess a degree of professional experience that new recruits simply cannot match. 

Returnships programs are a recruitment strategy that offers an opportunity for these candidates to resume their careers. Top companies like Deloitte, HP, Goldman Sachs, and many more have returnship programs in place to recruit such candidates. Having such a program allows you to tap into a source of talent that is often neglected. 

Collect and analyze data on your recruitment processes

Your recruitment strategies are only as good as the outcomes they generate. As such, being able to measure how well they are doing is a core strategy in and of itself, allowing you to track their performance and iterate as necessary. This is one of the key reasons for the accelerated adoption of technology in HR. An ATS can generate advanced HR reports that will help you understand the health of your recruitment pipeline. Key metrics include application completion rate, candidate qualification rate, time to hire, cost per hire, candidate response rate, etc.

Take your recruitment strategies to the next level with Freshteam!


Freshteam ATS is a fully featured recruitment software that has all the tools necessary to execute your ambitious HR recruitment strategy and provide a slick candidate experience - all from a single cloud-ready platform.



Smart Candidate Sourcing


Make use of Freshteam’s candidate sourcing features to post jobs on social channels effortlessly. Integrate with a host of popular job boards to go to your perfect candidate wherever they are.

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Vendor Management


Employees and external vendors can seamlessly participate in your recruiting strategy by independently referring candidate profiles. It is easy to monitor their progress from within the platform. No help required.

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Talent Pool


Never let a candidate slip out of sight with a talent pool where you can archive promising candidates and have Freshteam automatically resurface their profiles when relevant openings are available again.

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Readymade Sample Job Descriptions


Craft on-point job descriptions with the help of 50+ job description templates to help you roll out job posts with minimum hassle.  

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Career Site


Set up a slick branded career website to serve as the centerpiece for your recruitment strategies and bolster the credibility of your employer brand. 

Freshteam career site Freshteam career site


Candidate 360


Provide a peerless end-to-end candidate experience with Freshteam’s Candidate 360, which lets you manage all candidate communication from a single platform and provides helpful reminders and automation to let you stay on top of it all.

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Intelligent HR Data Analytics


Get actionable insights from your recruitment software to optimize your recruitment strategy. Have metrics like time to hire, pipeline speed, comparative performance of applicant sources, and much, much more are at your fingertips.

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