Agriculture, D2C


Kerela, India

  • A single email to receive incoming resumes

  • Google sheets to track all candidates’ data

  • Poor candidate experience

Clear visibility into the
Recruiting funnel
Time-saving without
compromising on quality
Smooth candidate experience
to all applicants

About Farmers Fresh Zone

Farmers Fresh Zone is an online fresh store consolidated around major cities in the south Indian state of Kerala. It caters to the Direct-to-Customer (D2C) sector. They deliver fresh Fruits & Vegetables (F&V) from the farm gate directly to customers’ homes in less than 15 hours from harvest. This is achieved by connecting rural farmers with urban customers by integrating the market ecosystem with modern technology.

We spoke to Haani Hashim S V P, Head of Products at Farmers Fresh Zone, to understand how they partner with Freshteam to simplify their hiring process and provide a smooth candidate experience.


Hiring Hurdles

Before Freshteam, the team at Farmers Fresh Zone faced a lot of challenges with respect to hiring. There was a single email inbox through which they received all the resumes and interacted with candidates. And as is the case with many organizations, Google Sheets and Excel became their single source of truth to track and manage all their candidates’ information. 

With different recruiters working across multiple roles, it became overwhelming to manage the whole process through excel sheets and, at the same time, provide a great experience to the candidates. For successful hiring, it is critical to have all the stakeholders (recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates) on the same page.

“It was kind of getting messed up because there are multiple hirings going on at any given point of time. We missed a lot of conversations due to data inaccuracy, and there was no candidate experience at all.”

Haani Hashim S V P

Head of Products

Farmers Fresh Zone

Why Freshteam? 

The team at Farmers Fresh Zone was researching and trying to find alternate solutions to make their entire hiring process more straightforward. Haani and his team instantly liked Freshteam and the functionality the software provided. Here’s what they loved:

Ease of use

“Many of the platforms that we tried were kind of confusing. We needed to do a lot of things manually or get on a call with the Account Manager,” explains Haani. But, he found Freshteam very refreshing to use as it was pretty intuitive and self-explanatory. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the team at Farmers Fresh Zone was also able to get the hang of Freshteam in no time. 

Resume Management

Freshteam integrates with several job boards, and as a result, the team at Farmers Fresh Zone was getting resumes from multiple platforms and channels. Freshteam automatically parses all these resumes, converts them into candidate profiles, and imports them into the software. Thus, resume management saved a lot of time for the recruiters without compromising on the quality of candidates. 

Effective candidate management

Freshteam allows them to track the candidates’ progress through each stage of the application process. It essentially creates a funnel-like view giving the entire recruiting team visibility into which candidate is at what stage of the hiring process, how many more candidates they would need to source, and what actions are to be taken.

Smart interview scheduling

Through the Google Calendar and Google Meet sync in Freshteam, recruiters at Farmers Fresh Zone are now able to view the calendars of panel members and block their time to schedule interviews with candidates. This avoids a lot of back and forth via emails and unexpected last-minute changes. Freshteam also allows the recruiters to communicate interview schedules and changes to all the stakeholders without having to leave the platform. 

“It is important to have meaningful conversations with the candidates, because any candidate that comes in is a potential employee for us. Freshteam is a platform that actually helps us in providing a smooth experience to our candidates. It’s been a game-changer for us.”

Haani Hashim S V P

Head of Products

Farmers Fresh Zone