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  • Talent pool management

  • Transparency across the hiring lifecycle

  • Internal comments and ratings

  • Hiring Process Customization

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Closing time / Hiring time
is 10-20% faster
Faster collaboration across
teams and projects
Hiring made simple for all
positions in the company

About Gogoprint

Gogoprint is the largest online printing company and customization platform in South East Asia. They currently operate in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Traditionally, the printing industry has favored the “big guys” - large corporations with big printing budgets. It was very difficult for small and medium-sized companies to get a clear idea of prices and delivery times. There was an overall lack of transparency. 

Gogoprint was conceived to fix this problem. Using state-of-the-art technology and algorithms, Gogoprint provides an easy way for customers of all sizes and with all levels of printing knowledge to order online in the most cost-efficient and time-efficient manner. 

We spoke to Adrien Ulens, Deputy CEO at Gogoprint, to understand their business model, unique hiring challenges, and how Freshteam helps them solve these challenges by enabling transparency and collaboration. 


Hiring Challenges

Even though Gogoprint sells printing products, they don’t necessarily consider themselves a printing company but rather a Tech and Marketing company. They differentiate themselves from their competitors by investing heavily in technology and spreading the word to a lot of people through sophisticated marketing efforts. "That's why it's very important for us to acquire talent that fits this description that we have of ourselves. We're very focused on finding specific types of profiles. And these profiles are usually quite tech-savvy, independent, motivated, and self-driven,” says Adrien. 

For this reason, Gogoprint tends to spend a bit more time than not enough time on the hiring process to make sure they’re hiring the right people with the right skills, proper motivation, and mindset. Candidates go through multiple rounds depending on the role and position. It typically involves a screening phase with a direct supervisor, an interview with the line manager or top manager, and a case study or practical test to assess the candidate’s skills. 

Hence, Gogoprint needed a platform to accommodate the multiple steps in their hiring workflow and, at the same time, collaborate with all the stakeholders and keep them on the same page.

How Freshteam helps Gogoprint

Gogoprint uses Freshteam throughout its hiring process for all the different positions starting from executives all the way up to the managers and even top leaders. 

Here’s a rundown of the top features and functionalities helping Gogoprint overcome their hiring challenges:

Hiring workflow customization

Different jobs have different requirements and different methods to the madness. Everything from the number of hiring stages to the hiring team working on a particular job depends on the type of role and experience level. With Freshteam, Gogoprint customizes the hiring workflow for every single job posting. 

“We can basically edit the hiring process and the flow for every job posting. It depends a bit on, of course, the role and the department where we're trying to fill this role. It also depends on the type of position, whether we're looking for an executive or manager, obviously the interview process is going to look slightly different, but it's easy to customize for every type of job with Freshteam,” says Adrien. 

Talent pool management

Gogoprint reaches out to many potential candidates through platforms such as LinkedIn and also leverages inbound mechanisms to find the right candidate. And obviously, sometimes things work out, and sometimes things don’t work out. 

“Good candidates who may not be right for the position that we're hiring for right now or good candidates who are a good fit but are not available at the moment. We typically tend to park them in our talent pool which is organized by department or by job role responsibility. So, talent pool management is something very useful in Freshteam.”

Adrien Ulens

Deputy CEO


Gogoprint can now archive candidates to the talent pool with a job role as a tag. This means Freshteam automatically resurfaces candidates when relevant job openings get created.


As a fast-growing business, Gogoprint always had to fill several positions at the same time. And, there’s always a couple or more people involved in the hiring of each job. It was challenging to be on top of all the interviews, follow-ups, and decisions all the time. This is where the collaboration aspect of Freshteam comes to the rescue. 

“There are so many interviews that it's very easy to get lost. So this collaboration feature, these email notifications on important positions, is important because you don't want to be left behind, and then have to catch up on all the interviews and comments in one go. So, it's good to basically have it all in the platform,” says Adrien.

Gathering structured feedback

Freshteam allows the team at Gogoprint to collect quantitative and qualitative data through internal comments and interview scorecards. The interviewers and hiring managers can fill out their feedback forms and comment on candidate profiles asynchronously. This way, everyone can access information whenever they’d like and weigh in with their opinions, thus keeping them on the same page. 

Cost-efficient platform

Before switching to Freshteam, Gogoprint was using Recruitee to manage their hiring process. But, the platform was too expensive. However, with Freshteam, Gogoprint found the perfect balance between their requirements and cost-effectiveness. And, Freshteam being part of the Freshworks suite of products also made it interesting to make the switch.

“You never know what you might need in the future. And, Freshworks is already this huge platform that offers all sorts of things like CRM, Email marketing, and Support Desk. So it's always interesting to have that flexibility and possibility,” explains Adrien.  

The Freshteam impact

Using Freshteam to manage the entire talent sourcing and recruitment made all the difference to Adrien and the team at Gogoprint. With incremental improvements in talent pool management, hiring workflow customization, and improved collaboration, Gogoprint was able to significantly reduce the time-to-hire (the time between the job posting and when a candidate accepts the offer) a person.

“So, we track closing times quite precisely, and we try to respect the SLAs that we set. With Freshteam, we did manage to close a position 10-20% faster. If I think about it, it's probably because it allows much faster communication and collaboration on the projects. Everyone just always has full transparency on each candidate.”

Adrien Ulens

Deputy CEO


Looking ahead

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic brought about a slowdown in Gogoprint’s business, at least for a while. But, as their business and the economy in the region is recovering, they have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline as they go about their vision to make printing easy and frictionless in the Asia Pacific.

“We have a lot of exciting projects that are coming up, new products and services that we want to offer to our customers. They will require quite a bit of HR investments as well, for which, of course, we will use Freshteam.”

Adrien Ulens

Deputy CEO