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  • Staying organized

  • Quickly connecting with candidates

  • Integration with job boards

  • User experience and self-service component

  • Cost-effective platform

Job postings in multiple
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Quick and effective
communication with candidates
Cuts the recruiting costs
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About Physicians Choice Dialysis

Physicians Choice Dialysis is a dialysis management company that provides care to patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, also known as end-stage renal disease. They partner with physicians (Nephrologists) in the development and opening of dialysis centers. The services their centers provide include chronic hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

Hiring qualified dialysis nurses and technicians is of paramount importance to their business because it ultimately translates to quality patient care. We spoke to Jim Kilcur, Director of Talent Management, Information Systems, and Marketing at Physicians Choice Dialysis to understand how Freshteam has been helping them in this aspect.


Hiring Challenges at Physicians Choice Dialysis

Physicians Choice Dialysis’ mission is to provide superior quality dialysis care and improve the quality of life of every patient they serve. They’re constantly on the lookout for quality clinical staff to help achieve this mission. They also rely heavily on clinic management at their centers to provide input/feedback on the type of candidates they would like to hire and would be the best fit for the organization. 

Physicians Choice Dialysis manages the entire hiring process in-house without relying on recruiting and staffing agencies. They currently use Indeed and LinkedIn but were in need of an Applicant Tracking System that could help streamline the hiring process while also serving as another recruitment channel. The subscription cost of some of these job boards was rather expensive, especially for a growing business such as theirs. They were also finding it extremely difficult to quickly connect with potential candidates and were in some instances missing out on quality hires. Jim says,

“One of the biggest challenges we had was just trying to stay organized. When we have a lot of people come in - some of them may not be great, some of them are great - It was just kind of really hard to filter that out.”

Jim Kilcur

Director of Talent Management, Information System, and Marketing

Physicians Choice Dialysis

The Solution

The team at Physicians Choice Dialysis was not using any Applicant Tracking System until they stumbled upon Freshteam. In Jim’s words, “A lot of other expensive Applicant Tracking portals out there didn’t really meet our needs. But, with Freshteam, we found it very cost-effective and appealing. We’ve been using Freshteam as a channel to help with recruitment and we’ve been very satisfied.”
Jim says having a solid technology platform in place to do all the heavy lifting with respect to hiring made things a lot easier because “Our primary focus is taking care of the patients and not recruiting. When you have solid technology in place, it is only going to help the business. We saved a lot by not having to use recruiting agencies or having additional staff,” says Jim.

Why Freshteam

Integration with Job boards

Freshteam’s integration with several job boards such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, etc has been especially valuable for Jim and his team to post jobs on multiple platforms at one go. As a result, it has allowed them to reach a much larger audience and better assess what job board is most effective. “When somebody comes in, we are able to find where they’re coming from - whether it is Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or ZipRecruiter. We can evaluate and see which job boards are most effective through Freshteam,” says Jim. 

Self-service component

Freshteam is very user-friendly. Everything within the platform is pretty self-explanatory and Jim & his team found that very appealing. Jim explains, “Freshteam has a lot of self-service component to it. We are able to make adjustments to jobs at any point in time, post an unlimited amount of jobs. It’s very very user-friendly and overall a strong platform.”

Communication with candidates

Recruitment in health care is very competitive and health care workers have a lot of options when it comes to employment. It is essential to efficiently capture their information and reach out to them as soon as possible for job openings. Freshteam has allowed the team at Physicians Choice Dialysis to quickly connect with candidates. Freshteam records every conversation between the candidate and the recruiter and gives instant notifications on any update.

Cost-effective platform

“It does not make sense for growing businesses to spend $20,000 to $30,000 on an Applicant Tracking System. We haven’t had to hire any recruiting agencies either. Freshteam is pretty cost-effective and gets the job done for us.”

Jim Kilcur

Director of Talent Management, Information Systems & Marketing

Physicians Choice Dialysis

That’s how Freshteam is able to help mitigate the high costs of onboarding and recruitment.

Customer support

Freshteam provides 24*7 email support, 24*5 chat support, and call support as well. “The support staff at Freshteam have been very accessible and responsive. I don’t have to call any contact center or schedule an appointment. I just pick up the phone, call and they troubleshoot any issues that I have,” says Jim. 

Looking ahead

In the days and years ahead, Physicians Choice Dialysis plans to open a lot more clinics. They also aim to ensure that they continue to improve the quality of life of every patient under their care.  Naturally, they will be on the lookout for quality staff (nurses and technicians) and that’s where Freshteam comes into the picture.

“We are going to continue to leverage Freshteam and its features to find quality people and recruit them. That’s our primary Applicant Tracking System and it’s going to be heavily utilized.”

Jim Kilcur

Director of Talent Management, Information System, and Marketing

Physicians Choice Dialysis