Information Technology & Services


Malta, Europe

  • Rapid scaling of the team

  • Need for a centralized system

Scaled from 15 to 250
employees in 18 months
Time-to-hire a person is
only 3-4 days
Seamless onboarding in less
than a week

About Red Acre

Headquartered in Malta, Red Acre Ltd provides innovative back-office solutions ranging from compliance, payments, general support, and bespoke office systems. Conscious of the need for quality and efficient back-office support, they offer cost-efficient service without imposing many restrictions and limitations. 

The company was established in 2019, and since then, they have grown to 250+ employees across departments, including tech, design and creative, customer support, HR and admin, compliance, and more. We spoke to Elona Attard, Customer Support Lead at Red Acre, to understand how Freshteam simplifies their hiring and employee lifecycle management process. 


The Challenge: Need for a centralized system

As is the case with any fast-growing company, Red Acre scaled rapidly. They grew from 15 employees to 250+ employees in a span of 18 months. Such rapid growth comes with its own set of hiring challenges. In addition, they also had to onboard new employees, manage their existing employees effectively, frame HR policies, monitor time-offs, and analyze HR metrics. "When I started with the company, we were just a small team of around 10-15 employees, and the organization grew rapidly. So, we realized that we needed a centralized system that allows us to keep track of our employees and everything in one place, really," says Elona.

Red Acre was already using Freshdesk, Freshsales, and Freshmarketer. Hence, they were familiar with Freshworks and Freshteam. “We looked at a couple of other tools, and we went with Freshteam because it is affordable compared to other products in the market. We also use multiple other Freshworks tools, so we could easily integrate everything and have everything more centralized,” says Elona. 

Freshteam: The one-stop solution

Red Acre zeroed in on Freshteam to streamline its hiring and HR Operations for a variety of reasons. Here are some of them:

Visibility into the recruitment cycle

As a rapidly growing organization, hiring is one of the most critical processes at Red Acre. They are constantly looking for the finest talent across multiple roles such as customer support, marketing, tech, compliance, etc. 

They start by publishing the role on Freshteam, which in turn publishes it on their career site and job boards. Once a candidate applies for any position, the recruiters and hiring managers can access all their information. They have clear visibility of where the candidates are in the hiring process. No candidate is missed out or left waiting for an answer. They can also schedule interviews, assess candidates using interview scorecards, and issue offer letters from within Freshteam.

Seamless Onboarding

Issuing an offer letter is just the beginning. Red Acre initiates the onboarding process through Freshteam to enable a seamless transition from a candidate to an employee. Once the candidate accepts the offer, they trigger the onboarding checklists as well. Freshteam assigns tasks to concerned stakeholders and sends automatic reminders so that the new hires have a memorable onboarding experience.

Maintaining employee database

“With Freshteam, we are now able to track the complete employee lifecycle basically. We can quickly browse through the employee directory and employee profiles. We are also able to manage our employees’ onboarding, probation period, and offboarding smoothly via Freshteam.”

Elona Attard

Customer Success Lead

Red Acre Ltd

Besides accessing and maintaining employee profiles, the employees themselves can update their information, sign and maintain documents, and look at organization charts to better understand their role and company.

Insightful Reporting

Red Acre uses Freshteam’s comprehensive reporting functionality to understand employees better. “Every six months, we do a department review and a company-wide review. We analyze how many promotions we’ve had internally, absenteeism trends, and much more. All of this data is available to us through Freshteam. We can extract all the data from one platform, and it is a lifesaver for us,” says Elona. 

By learning about their employees’ preferences, performances, and leave patterns, Red Acre always finds ways to improve the employee experience. 

Looking ahead

Red Acre’s expansion plan involves building and optimizing new solutions, onboarding new clients, and improve their customer support experience. Creating a diverse and multicultural workforce has always been one of their core values. They go where they can attract and welcome the best talent out there. And, Freshteam plays a crucial role in identifying, attracting, and hiring those incredible talents.

“We love using Freshworks tools. That’s why we keep using them. The team is always very helpful. We look forward to improving our current systems and hire the best talent out there with Freshteam.”

Elona Attard

Customer Support Lead

Red Acre