Being in the solar industry, SunPower by Hooked on Solar was finding it hard to source quality candidates. Maintaining and tracking all their information using spreadsheets was cumbersome. On top of that, they were maintaining all their employee information in stacks of printed papers. 

A combined ATS + HRIS solution was the need of the hour. Download this case study to find out how SunPower achieved the perfect fit with Freshteam. 

  • 75% time-saving in the Recruitment Process
  • Employee onboarding time reduced from 3 hours to 15 minutes
  • 25% improvement in overall employee retention

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“You don’t have to be a super techie person to use Freshteam. You just log in, pretty much like an email. The ease of use, I would say, tops everything.”

Maria Schaeuffler, HR Manager, SunPower

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