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  • Reviewing huge volumes of applicants
  • Maintaining color coded spreadsheets to differentiate the candidates in the different stages of the hiring process.
  • Resume scanning
  • Candidates - Kanban view
  • Conversations tab

About Ultius

Ultius connects consumers with American freelance writers for quality content. It’s deeply committed to hiring and onboarding the best American writers to deliver writing, editing, and business writing services. Having over fourteen hundred writers, and customers in over fifty countries, Ultius has been an international leader in consumer writing services since 2010.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of its business, Ultius has to rapidly hire between 100 and 200 writers every month, 6-8 months of the year. This means, they had to review somewhere between 600 to 800 applications every month.

““We used SmartRecruiters, Indeed, Monster, and manual spreadsheets. It was a complicated system. We also used an organized folder system within our email. Though the process worked, it was clunky and time consuming.””

Mellissa Baetens

HR Manager at


They needed a solution that would streamline their process and optimize their hiring.

Moreover, Ultius has extremely high quality standards (in terms of hiring writers), so the required volume of talent sourcing is high. Their hiring funnel processes thousands of applications just to hire a few contractors. In total, for every 100 contractors that apply, Ultius only hires about 6. Going through such a high volume of applications is an incredible challenge because each applicant has to be manually reviewed.

There are more steps to reviewing candidates than just their resume as well. Ultius also goes above and beyond by having dedicated hiring representatives screen candidates for the following:

  • Sample work submission
  • Phone interview
  • Educational attainment
  • And more

With so many steps in their workflow, it was extremely difficult for the company to find a platform that was flexible enough to accomodate the steps but not too complicated. In short, hiring great writers from a large pool of applicants is ultimately a core competency of Ultius--so the hiring solution needed to be scalable and robust.

Although Ultius serves a global customer base, the company has a clear customer promise of only hiring American writers (native English speakers). Ensuring all applicants are college-educated, American, and qualified is a daunting task that requires lots of high-level visibility and constant monitoring across a distributed team of hiring representatives.

Why Ultius chose Freshteam

The promise of qualified American writers

In the past they had multiple systems collecting resumes, a complicated email filtering system, and a spreadsheet in which they manually added applicant names to track progress. But after implementing Freshteam, they have it all in one system which significantly reduces manual processes and allows them to work faster. They spend lesser time finding all the information and more time, scanning resumes.

Ultius is able to review about 40% more resumes than they did before.

““Freshteam seemed to have everything we need to move candidates through the hiring process, and at a fair price. Competitors didn’t have everything we needed. The ones with more options had long integration processes and charged too much money; while still not checking all of our boxes.””

They process candidates more efficiently

Previously Mellissa would color code her spreadsheets to mark which stage of the hiring process the applicants were in but the codes were mostly confined to her understanding and difficult to share with the team.

Freshteam allows them to configure a hiring process with different stages for every job posting. The candidates progress through each stage as they clear tests and interviews. This gives the entire recruiting team visibility into who is where, and what actions are to be taken.

All applicant communication happens in one place

The team had to log into three different systems to track communication with an applicant before resuming communication.

This was solved by the conversations tab in Freshteam which holds all communication in one place, making it easier for any team member to pick up the conversation where it was last left

““With the growth we encounter, often 300% year over year, we need a reliable system that is also scalable. The reports section is a tremendous help when I need data for assessment or future planning. FreshTeam has everything we need to stay on top of our growing business.””

They grow and manage their own talent pool

When an impressive candidate is not a perfect fit for an currently open role, Freshteam allows Ultius to simply archive them to the talent pool. The HR team can always pull them up when they see an appropriate opening any time in the future. This way candidates and efforts invested in screening/interviewing them are not lost.

Eventually, the talent pool also becomes a reliable source of candidates for upcoming roles.

Visibility over the talent pool

Keeping the company’s pool of writers American is a task that Freshteam helps with. Mainly, the organization and ease of sorting applicants through the Freshteam interface makes sure that managers like Mellissa can spot inconsistencies and intervene when appropriate.

Fair pricing and stellar support

"The pricing is competitive and meets our budgetary needs. Freshteam support has always been stellar. They are always there with an answer when I have a question.", says Mellissa.