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  • Keeping track of candidates accurately
  • Visibility into the team’s communication with candidates
  • Collaborating with team members
  • Interface, Interface, Interface!

  • Conversations tab

  • Hiring workflow

About Vectrus

Vectrus is a leading provider of global service solutions in the areas of Information Technology and Network Communication services, and Facility and Logistics services.

Recruiting challenges  

Before Freshteam, Vectrus was using an in-house product which was a conglomeration of a SharePoint server and several other internally built custom applications. 

As the product was built a while ago and the team that put it together is not with them anymore, it was impossible to make changes to the system. It had zero flexibility. This was causing Vectrus a lot of issues in tracking candidates during the recruitment process. They had lots of applicants come and go, and the candidates were just lost.

“Our corporate headquarters wanted to use Taleo for their final onboarding process. It was implemented for our overall corporate office in mind and did not fit our unique challenges. We differed from the other 26 contracts because 1) We were overseas 2) We were servicing our primary customers who are the department of defense 3) The unique talent we had to hire required some additional labor law compliances and visas. So, we needed a method to allow us to manage the initial sourcing and onboarding of these clients which wasn’t already handled by Taleo.”

curtis curtis
Curtis McLeod

Technical Recruiter

Vectrus Systems Corporation

Challenge #1: Candidates lost

Each recruiting team member was handling approximately 100 candidates. At any given time, they had around 700 candidates in their pipeline. They were managing the process using email communication which they could not scale. As a result, conversations and candidates got buried deep or sometimes even lost in email threads.

It also considerably slowed down their responses to candidates. 


Challenge #2: Managing conversations with candidates

The team used a shared mailbox to manage all candidate emails but only a few team members could effectively use it because not everybody had clear visibility into who was replying to which candidates. 


Challenge #3: Visibility into who is doing what

Previously, while working for one of their contracts, Curtis and his partner Al shared their candidates. There was no one recruiter to one candidate type of association. It became increasingly difficult for the entire office to work that way because their managers did not know who is working with which candidates. Also, some recruiters ended up with lots of work when compared to the others depending on the requirements of different contracts. 

Why Vectrus chose Freshteam


They are able to closely track candidates throughout the process

Freshteam helps keep track of all candidates as they move through the different stages of the hiring process (for example, screening, an interview, and a written test) until a candidate is hired or an offer is released.


Conversations with candidates is no longer  chaotic

The conversations tab in Freshteam brought all conversations with a candidate under one single tab - making it easy for team members to pick up conversations from where they were last left.


They have visibility into what the other team members are doing

“My partner Al and I moved around 200 candidates from our old system to Freshteam. We were actually migrating people over slowly, emphasizing the different stages in their process. Simultaneously, we were adding new candidates to the system.

Having an ATS in place actually helps us see our progress as a team and specifically what the other team members are working on. We are able to see who is having what conversation with which candidate.” - Curtis

Besides being aware of what team members were working on, it is also now possible for hiring team members to rate a candidate’s performance, submit interview feedback or leave comments for each other inside the ATS.

Since everything happens on an ATS, their managers have access to a better context of the contracts and candidates the team members are working with. This was not possible through their old system.