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About Freshteam

Freshteam is smart HR software for fast-growing companies. It simplifies your sourcing and empowers you by centralizing all hiring efforts on one platform, making it easy to source, screen, interview, and hire superstar candidates without exhausting time and effort.

In fact, our customers claim that as much as 75% of recruiting work is reduced by using Freshteam. As a result, fast-growing companies have the resources to focus on strategy and growth.

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Case study for recruiters

"The three hour-onboarding process now takes less than 15 minutes. I can spend more time actually bonding with the new employee."

Case study for recruiters

"Freshteam allows faster communication and collaboration. The closing time of a position is now 10 - 20% faster."

Case study for recruiters

"Freshteam is like an HR team of its own so we didn't have to hire a couple of people. It helped us scale from 10 to 100 to 200 people."