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Insights into the Job Market Shift

Equip yourself with deep insights into how COVID-19 has put employers back in the driver’s seat.

The New Rules of Recruiting for 2021

Master the rules needed for employers and recruiters to triumph in the changed job market.

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Take away actionable strategies that will give you an edge in the employer-driven market.

With COVID-19 changing the way businesses and companies are run, the job market has also undergone a drastic shift. Unemployment at historic low levels and high volumes of applicants for the rare job openings characterized the pandemic period. As the economy looks to slowly recover from the steep fall, recruitment is picking pace once again as most companies attempt to bounce back from the hiatus and are starting to look for new hires.

But the question looms:

Would the same recruitment strategies hold good for hiring great talent in this new job market where the power has shifted from the candidates to the employers?

In this collaborative eBook from Freshteam and Recruiter.com, you will find the new rules of recruiting that will set you up for guaranteed success in 2021.

The New Recruiting Rulebook 

Your Secret Sauce to Hiring Success in 2021

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To help you succeed at recruiting in 2021, you need to know the new rules and also ensure that you are rightly equipped to play by them.


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