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Definition of Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a solution that takes care of the entire recruitment process, right from sourcing candidates, screening and evaluating them, scheduling interviews, making the offer, till onboarding the candidate. 

Does your company need an Applicant Tracking System?

Yes, it does, because it provides an exceptional hiring experience, both for the candidate and the hiring team.

 ATS streamlines the entire hiring process for you. As soon as a candidate applies for a job in your organization, the ATS can take care of everything. It will populate all the resumes under one roof, and tag them correctly based on the application source (eg, LinkedIn, Indeed, Adzuna, social media and so on). It would screen them and auto-reject them, notify them of the next step, or send them an online test if need be. And once you find the right candidate, you can make an offer to the candidate, and initiate the onboarding process as soon as they accept the offer. Your candidates no longer have to spend their first day doing onboarding paperwork. Your ATS will take care of them right away, giving them more time to socialize with the team.