Definition of Diversity

Diversity is the existence of varied characteristics in individuals, in terms of their skills, experience, and traits with which they identify themselves (such as. Age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation)

Types of Diversity:

Here, we take into account all the characteristics that make your employees unique. Some of them are protected by law, which means employers cannot discriminate based on these characteristics. These include:

Some characteristics are slightly different, such as experience, opinions, economic background and so on. This is to ensure that you hire people from all walks of life. 

Diversity at the workplace:

It is important to foster diversity at the workplace, mainly because it is ethical, and the right thing to do. Diversity brings in a different viewpoint to the table, thereby fostering innovation and creativity. As an employer, you hire people based on their merits and let the world know that you are an Equal Opportunity Employer. This helps in attracting exceptional talent and creates a healthy work environment.