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Definition of Employee relations:

Employee relations is the relationship between an organization and its employees. Organizations take conscious effort in building positive, uplifting relationships with employees which ultimately helps in building a loyal workforce. By doing so, employees feel connected to the organization and perform better at work.

Who takes care of employee relations in a company?

Usually, the HR department takes care of employee relations in an organization. There would be an employee relations manager who takes care of disputes arising out of working hours, compensation, work life balance, health issues, interpersonal relations, and so on. They also ensure that all employees are treated fairly and equally. Companies usually have a formal employee relations policy/program that talks about what is expected from the employees in terms of work life, productivity, interpersonal relationships, etiquettes, disciplinary action and so on. 

There are similar policies for managers that tell them how to maintain a good relationship with their team members, with specific points related to one-on-one meetings, performance reviews, appraisals and so on. The idea is to understand what the employees are looking for, keep them engaged and happy, which will ultimately lead to improved performance at work.