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Definition of Employee Self Service:

Employee self-service (ESS) is a feature that enables employees to access and store all their documents in a single place. Employees can access their employment related documents, time-off records, salary statements etc, while Managers can additionally schedule interviews and share feedback, look into timesheets, PTOs and performance records of their employees. Without ESS, this involves manual labour where the HR department takes care of the entire paperwork, or managing it on excel sheets and emails.

ESS is usually an inbuilt feature of HRIS software, which can help save time and increase efficiency. It helps in empowering employees to manage their HR processes with no intervention from the HR department. 

Benefits of using Employee self service:

How does ESS work?

ESS can help employees:

Besides the above tasks, managers and leaders can:

Common challenges while implementing ESS

ESS can be a new territory to a lot of your employees. While it has its own benefits, people are generally hesitant to try new things and would always prefer the old way of work. Here are some challenges that HRs face making the transition to ESS: