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Definition of Employee:

An employee is an individual that an employer hires to do a particular job. 

The employer usually has an elaborate process to hire the right person which includes application, assessment tests, interviews and so on. 

On finding the right person to do the job, they receive an offer letter that describes the employment contract and the compensation. In a non-union workplace, employees can negotiate their salary. In places with the employee union, the bargaining agreement takes care of all the employee benefits such as working hours, vacations, compensation. 

What does the employee do?

Job descriptions describe the responsibilities of an employee. They usually emplain how the employee is contributing to the company's growth. With regular correspondence with managers, employees can update their goal and ensure that their career goals are in alignment with company goals. Regular performance feedback and appraisals, rewards and salary hikes are crucial in motivating and retaining a lasting relationship with employees. 

Types of Employment

You can employ an individual either on