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Definition of Goal Setting:

Goal setting is a theory put forward by Edwin Locke in the 1960s which talks about fixing a goal or an aim of achieving something and setting up a process to achieve it through timely feedback and retrospection. According to Locke, human beings thrive on this pursuit of their goals. The idea is to give a sense of purpose and achievement that will push them to perform in their best form. 

At the workplace, goal setting plays a pivotal role in guiding your employees in the right direction, planning realistically, motivating employees and evaluating them fairly. 

How to set goals for your team?

As a leader, it is important to set goals for the entire team and its individual members. These goals should be designed in such a manner that the employee is self-motivated and committed to performing the task, and it is in alignment with the goals of the company. Here are some points to keep in mind:

Skills required for achieving your goals:

Goal setting and achievement depend on some good old skills that can be learnt and acquired. They include: 

How to set up SMART Goals: