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Definition of Job Board:

A Job board is a website where employers advertise job opportunities in their company with an aim of attracting the right candidates. It is equivalent to how companies earlier used to post job vacancies on physical boards for candidates’ attention. Examples of Job boards include, Indeed, Glassdoor and so on. 

Job boards would let candidates search for companies in a particular industry, location, seniority, experience, expertise, etc. This makes it easier for recruiters to source and screen candidates. 

Usually recruiters take up the responsibility of posting jobs on Job boards. These Job boards usually have a free plan, or charge companies for posting their jobs. Some job boards allow premium paying customers to search for candidates and reach out to them. Similarly, job seekers can apply for jobs and reach out to recruiters. Job seekers usually submit their resume or cover letter while applying for jobs. 

Types of Job Board: 

Broadly, there are 3 types of Job boards. They are:

  • Generalist: Where jobs from all industries, for all positions are listed together without any categorisation. Job seekers will have to filter the search results to find what they are looking for. 
  • Specialist: Where jobs belonging to a particular category are listed. This could be industry specific, or based on the skills or expertise, or the type of job you are looking for.
  • Location based: Where job openings in a particular state, region, or country are listed. This is when companies are looking for local job seekers, or are open to hiring immigrants. 

Advantages of Job Board:

Recruitment without job boards is unimaginable these days. Rightfully so, because job boards are the easiest way to be where your ideal candidate is likely to be. 

  • Job boards are the go to place for job seekers. As a result, it is necessary that companies find a way to catch the candidate’s attention. 
  • Helps you build a viable talent pool. Job boards let a multitude of candidates apply for the same job. While companies might not be able to hire or approach all of them, they can save those resumes for future job openings. 
  • Helps you build your employer branding. Job boards like Linkedin provide a company page, where employers can talk about their brand, their culture and showcase the work life of their employees.