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Definition of Job description:

A job description provides major responsibilities of the role for which the candidates would be applying. It lets the candidate know if their experience and skill set matches the organization’s requirements. 
Usually, the HR manager, along with the hiring managers, work on the job description

Why is job description important?

A job description lets the candidate know if they are a right fit for the job. They will know if their experience and skills can be used in this role. 

By writing a well-designed job description, companies can ensure that they get candidates with the right skill set, which closely matches their requirements, giving a better selection pool. This also allows the HR department to create a talent pool that can be used for future recruitment.

What should you include in your job description:

It is important to provide the purpose of the role and how they are going to contribute to the company’s growth. 

Give a brief of the company’s purpose statement as well and what they are trying to achieve. This can motivate the candidate to work with your company and apply for a suitable position later, if not now. 

Also, talk about the company culture and what perks every employee enjoys at your company. Do you have flexi-hours, unlimited snacks and leaves, work timings and so on. 
Ideally, your job description should include: